This is a category for things (items like clothing, music, and furniture as well as non-items such as animals, pets, and dens) that are currently available to be purchased in stores or won as regular adventure prizes as well as promotional gifts that are still active.

Regular adventure prizes are items that can be reliably obtained from an adventure, either only from a specific chest or as part of a small set of prizes. This does not include random adventure prizes that are not in stores; these should still be put in Category:Unavailable if there are too many possible prizes to reliably obtain a certain item, such as prizes found in The Forgotten Desert or many of the animal passages.

Promotional gifts include things that are obtained from publicly announced codes, things that are obtained simply by logging in on certain days, and things that are obtained from specific real-world purchases. These would not include random chance gifts like the Daily Spin as there is no guarantee that a particular item can be obtained.


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