The Camouflage Boots is a members-only clothing item worn on the feet. They were first released in Jam Mart Clothing on July 7, 2012, but they later went on clearance during 2014. They returned for a second release on September 17, 2015, but they went on clearance again in July 2016. 


The Camouflage Boots are thick-soled rain boots, with a leaf-like camouflage pattern on the tops. This item has nine varieties including the "Rare" version.


  • The Rare Version of the Camouflage Boots are the Rare Camouflage Boots. This was released for Rare Item Monday on May 13, 2013, for 900 Gems.
  • The Army Helmet, Camouflage Jacket, and Camouflage Boots seem to match to form a soldier's uniform, although they were not actually released together in a set.


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