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The Cami's Frog is a non-member land den item. It was formerly sold at Jam Mart Furniture and was first released sometime in August 2010 during Beta Testing.


The Cami's Frog is a pale green frog plushie. It has two white eyes with black pupils and two tiny black dots for nostrils. It also has a long, thin black half-smile. The frog appears to have a lavender colored patch sewn on its stomach with stitches all around it and a bright, hot pink bandage over it. It appears to be in a sitting position. Just like a real frog, it appears to have webbed feet.


  • This item pays homage to Cami, a young girl who is a Leukemia survivor, the daughter of a worker at WildWorks Inc. (formerly SmartBomb Interactive), and now the host of the Wild Explorers video series in Animal Jam.
    • This item is based on Froggy, which is Cami's stuffed plush toy.
  • It is used as a decoration in the background of the Wild Explorers Tent.
  • This item can be obtained in the adventure The Forgotten Desert, along with other den betas.


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