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The Bunnies Only Party, as its name suggests, is a party that can only be visited by Bunnies and Spring Bunnies. It was added in July 2012. The party cannot currently be attended as of December 2015, and left along with the Atlantis Party (which has returned) and the Monkeys Only Party. It returned to Jamaa on June 9th 2016.


Bunnies Only Party Construction

The Bunnies Only Party

The party has rocky terrain, as if it were located in an underground rabbit warren. The party is decorated with large drums that have tribal patterns printed on their surfaces. Jammers enter in the bottom left corner of the room at the start of a large walkway, which includes a black railing that has fuchsia ribbons tied to it with alternating candles and golden heart-shaped decorations along the top. The railing also includes a tall central lamppost that has a glowing candle at the top with an umbrella-like lampshade covering it. At the end of the walkway, there is a flight of stairs that leads down to a giant drum that serves as the floor with pink windows in the background. The top of the walkway includes a wood-and-rope bridge that leads up to patches of grass, some of which have crystal carrots sticking out of them. Above the patches of grass is a wooden walkway that leads to the top of the party where there is a large slide.


Bunny Party

A large group of Jammers hopping to reveal Peck

This party includes a shop that sells bunny-themed den items at the far top-right of the party and there is another shop that sells den music just above the entrance along the left side. Near the den item shop is an adoption icon where Jammers can purchase a Pet Bunny. Like with the Wolves Only Party and the Monkeys Only Party, this party has a version of The Claw located on the right side near the stairs that lead to the giant drum, except this claw machine is only filled with Bunny Plushies. The crystal carrots near the shop can be clicked to obtain a Holdable Icon of a carrot that can then be carried around the party. Jammers can slide down the giant stone slide at the top of the party and they can also hop on the drum near the bottom of the party, causing it to light up. When many Jammers hop on the drum at the bottom, at the same time, statues of Peck, the artistic bunny Alpha, will rise up around the drum and Peck herself can be seen through the windows behind the drum.

Bunnies Only Shop

Some of the merchandise sold in the shops are items found in the party, while others are simply bunny-related. Many of the items include "Bunny" in their name.

Den Items

Name Price
Bunny Drum 350 Yes
Bunny Mat 300 No
Bunny Rug 350 Yes
Bunny Throne 700 Yes
Patch Of Carrots 400 Yes
Crystal Carrot 600 Yes


Name Price Members-Only?


Hoppin' Around 100 Yes


  • The Bunnies Only Party was the only area in Jamaa where Jammers could obtain the Pet Bunny after it was removed from Claws 'N Paws in 2012. However, this is no longer true as the Pets system was later updated so that these pets could be adopted without visiting the party.
  • It is now the second party to allow two animals, the Bunny and the Spring Bunny, the first being the Wolves Only Party, which allows Wolves and Arctic Wolves.


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