For the pet counterpart, see Pet Bunny.
Not to be confused with the Spring Bunny.


The Bunny is a nonmember land animal that was released on July 17, 2010. It is one of the six original animals in Jamaa, along with Wolves, Tigers, Koalas, Monkeys and Pandas.  

Default Appearance

The default bunny has light, soft-white colored fur with faded-red eyes and rosy-pink ears. There is a small tuft of fur sticking up from the top of the bunny's large, blocky head and there is a small pink nose low on the front. One of the bunny's ears are folded downwards, and the paws are stubby.


  • Dance
  • sleep
  • Play
  • Hop
  • Sit (SE)
  • Sit (SW)
  • Sit (NE)
  • Sit (NW)
Acts Description
Sits similar to standing pose.
Break-dances on ears.
Sleeps on its side, with one ear on the ground and the other held upright with a slight droop.
Hops very high, similar to a Tiger.
Spins ears and begins to lift off the ground, resembling a helicopter.


  • There is a Bunnies Only Party that only bunnies and Spring Bunnies may attend.
  • They have a pet counterpart, the pet bunny.
  • This and the Spring Bunnies are one of the smallest animals in the game.
  • The default bunny looks like an albino bunny. Like other animals, this means it is slightly different than what the art depicts.
  • Although the Bunny has no pattern by default, its default pattern color is a red-brown that is not available on the color palette. Once this is changed, the default color can no longer be obtained.
  • The Bunny has its own game, Tunnel Town.
  • In Tunnel Town, it's revealed that the Bunny has hundreds of species.
  • With certain patterns, the back ear will layer above the front ear when dancing.
  • In the original default form during Beta Testing, the Bunny had cream fur. After Beta Testing, the default color was changed to white fur.
  • A glitch occurs when a bunny plays with a tutu on. It will appear as if the bunny is wearing a tutu on its head.
  • A glitch occurs when the bunny is wearing Mystical Faerie Wings; they will look like Faerie Wings in an unavailable color.
  • A glitch occurs when a bunny is wearing Spirit Tail Armor. It will appear on the player card but is invisible in game.


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