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The Bunny is a non-member land animal that was released on July 17, 2010. It is one of the six original animals in Jamaa, along with Wolves, Tigers, Koalas, Monkeys and Pandas

Default Appearance

The coat and outer ears are glossy white, and the inner ears are rosy pink, with a notch located on the outer edge of the bunny's left ear. The eyes are round, pale and reddish pink.


  • Dance
  • Play
  • Hop
  • Sleep
  • Sit SW
  • Sit SE
  • Sit NE
  • Sit NW
Sit: Sits similar to standing pose.

Dance: Break-dances on ears.

Play: Spins ears and begins to lift off the ground, resembling a helicopter.

Sleep: Sleeps on its side, with one ear on the ground and the other held upright with a slight droop.

Hop: Hops very high, similar to a Tiger.


  • There was a Bunnies Only Party that only bunnies and Spring Bunnies may attend.
  • They have a pet counterpart, the pet bunny.
  • This and the Spring Bunnies are the smallest animals in the game.
  • The default bunny looks like an albino bunny. Like other animals, this means it is slightly different than what the art depicts.
  • The Bunny has its own game, Tunnel Town.
  • In Tunnel Town, it's revealed that the Bunny has hundreds of species.
  • With certain patterns, the back ear will layer above the front ear when dancing.
  • There is a glitch where if a bunny plays with a tutu on it will appear as if the bunny is wearing a tutu on its head.


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