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Bunny logo03
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Species: Eastern Cottontail Rabbit
Cost: 1000 Gems
Alpha: Peck
Release Date: July 17th, 2010
Origin: Appondale
Availability: Non-Members

The Bunny is a non-member land animal. The Bunny is one of the original six animals in Jamaa, besides the Wolves, Tigers, Koalas, Monkeys and Pandas.


ARTWORK: A flossy, pure white coat, mauve-colored nose, similar mauve-colored ear-insides, and soft dark wood-brown eyes. The rabbit has a notch in its ear for some unknown reason.

GAME: Like the artwork, this appearance is flossy white. Rosie-pink ear-insides, pale round cute reddish-pink eyes and a notch in the right ear.


Sit: Sits similar to standing pose.

Dance: Break dances on ears.

Play: Swirls ears, begins to lift self off ground.

Sleep: Sleeps with ears sprawled out.

Hop: Hops normally, and very high.


  • There is a Bunnies Only Party that only bunnies may attend.
  • They have a counterpart, the Bunny (pet).
  • They have a game based on them named "Tunnel Town."
  • Bunnies are very, very often used as offspring in the pillow room
  • Smallest animal in-game
  • They are a very popular animal amongst non member and members alike.


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