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Bunny logo03
Default bunny9938
Species: Domestic Rabbit
Cost: 1000 gems
Alpha: Peck
Release Date: July 17th, 2010
Origin: Sarepia Forest
Availability: All

The Bunny is a all-available land animal. The Bunny was one of the first six animals to be released in Animal Jam and are currently the second most popular non-member animals, the first being a Wolf.


When first created, the bunny is small, with large, erect ears, with a small notch in the ear closest to the screen. One ear appears to fold over slightly. The bunny is white all over, with dark round eyes, bright red irises, and a rose-pink inner ear.  Its back gently curves, supporting rather stubby limbs and leading to a small, neat tail.  The large ears suggest domestic bunnies over wild bunnies. Cottontails have shorter ears the Domestic bunnies, and Cottontails are often a tan or brown rather than white.


  • Play: Twirling their ears, causing them to hover like a helicopter.
  • Dance:  Seems similar to break dancing, the bunny hops around and twirls on ears and claps ears.
  • Jump: When jumping, they bounce abnormally higher than any other animal in Jamaa, giving them their signature move, the "Bunny Hop."
  • Sleep: A bunny relatively sprawls out in a slumbering manner, one ear hanging above the body.



  • There is a Bunnies Only Party that only bunnies may attend.
  • They have a counterpart, the Bunny (pet).
  • Bunnies are the only non wild animals
  • Bunnies are mostly used for being cute and cuddly.
  • During Roleplaying Bunnies are used as kids or babys

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