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AJ bunny
Getting a Bunny
A bunny sleeping.
Snapshot 18
A Bunny's "Dance" action.
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Binky, a key Bunny NPC in the Adventures.
also called Rabbits, were one of the first six animals to be released in Animal Jam and are one of the most popular animals. 

Default Appearance

When first created, the bunny is small, with large, erect ears, with a small notch in the ear closest to the screen. The bunny is white all over, with dark round eyes, and bright red irises, and a rose-pink inner ear. 
AnimalJam 123
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Personality/Characteristic Traits

Bunnies by nature are quick, creative, and clever. Their personality is displayed perfectly by their Alpha, Peck.  Bunnies can also be found in "Return of the Phantoms" in Adventures Beta, where the Bunny Burrow appears to be their home. Peck is courageous and very trustworthy, shining the Bunnie's personality. 


  • The bunnies' "Play" action is an animation of them twirling their ears, causing them to hover or fly.
  • Their "Dance" action allows them to break dance and jump upon their ears.
  • When jumping, they bounce abnormally higher than the rest of the animals in the game given their size (the larger Tigers tie in height), giving them their signature "bunny hop."
  • Their "Sleep" action involves a bunny relatively sprawled out in a slumbering manner. 
  • Their Photo Booth pose is them stretching up with floppy ears.


  • There is a Bunnies Only Party that only bunnies may attend, not any other animal.
  • In clans, bunnies are often depicted as kits, because of their tiny and cuddly physical appearance.
  • They are also sometimes used as "apprentices" in clans, though it is more common with foxes and wolves, because of the animals having a rougher feature in their body and face.
    Peck the bunny
    Peck, the bunny Alpha
  • There is a bunny Alpha named Peck, who is very popular.
  • The special plushies for the bunny include a bow tie, crazy eyes, and green goggles added to the normal plushie counterpart/
  • Some people use bunnies to make dragon eggs, hatchlings and small adult dragons, as it is seen in Sarpiea Forest.
  • Bunnies are quite common, and are normally used as kids or baby animals. They are also the most adopted animals in the Pillow Room, along with seals and other small animals in Jamaa. 
  • There is a bunny pet that you can only buy at the Bunnies Only Party.
  • The Animal Jam mobile game Tunnel Town is about the bunnies of Jamaa, with another game being Animal Jam Jump, that features Kangaroos. 
    • A bunny going down the slide in Crystal Sands
  • They are the second highest jumpers in Jamaa (the 1st being Kangaroos).
  • They are one of the 7 animals that have a pet counterpart, along with raccoons, arctic wolves, tigers, monkeys, kangaroos, and foxes.
  • They are also the only animal to have a pet counterpart for 400 gems, as the other five are only available in diamonds
  • If wearing any huge wings, the hop action will cause them to flap those wings, very high in distance. 
  • Most items such as top hats or wings appear large on bunnies, causing many Jammers to be impressed.


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