The Buddy List, which displays as My Buddies, is a menu that stores the list of Buddies for a Jammer. This menu can be accessed by clicking on the tiger and monkey icon along the top of the game screen. The maximum limit was 100 Buddies, until on April 28, 2016, it was changed to 200. Though back then there was a glitch that breaks beyond that barrier to 201. Later on March 30,2017 its limit was changed to 1000 buddies for Members and former members.


The new buddy list

Online Buddies

The Buddy List can be used to determine which buddies are online at the moment. The online buddies are sorted to the top of the list and appear with a green icon next to their username. The offline buddies, on the other hand, are sorted to the bottom of the list and have a grey icon next to their username. If the buddy is hosting a party, the green button will change to a party hat.

Last Seen

When a buddy's username is hovered over in the list, a small tooltip pops up to show how long it has been since the buddy was last seen. Online jammers do not show this; they instead show the word "Online". Jammers that were online on the current day show up as last seen "Today" and other Jammers that have been away for longer will show up as last seen "# Days Ago", where the # is anything from 1 to 30. If the Jammer has been away for more than a month, it will display "More than 30 Days."

Find A Jammer

At the bottom of the My Buddies menu there is a search button that can be used to search for a Jammer by their username. If the Jammer is located, their Player Card will be displayed; otherwise, the game notifies the player that the Jammer could not be found. If a player types in their own username, it will instead show up with a notification saying they can't search for themselves.


  • If the Player sends a buddy request to a user who does not accept them, it will say: "(Insert username here) is not accepting Buddy Requests right now."
  • If a buddy comes online, then the Buddy icon will flash and a sound will play to inform the Player that a Buddy has come online.
  • When the buddy list icon is clicked, the expressions on the monkey and tiger change.
  • There is a glitch that causes the last seen pop-up to often display "More than 30 Days" incorrectly even when a Jammers was online recently.
  • There is a glitch where if one has over 100 Buddies, the number may change to 101.
  • There is also a glitch wherein a player is buddies with him/herself.
  • There was a glitch where buddies added while they are a New Jammer will sometimes be displayed in the buddy list as "New Jammer" forever. However, once they get their username, it can be seen by clicking on their Player Card. This glitch is now fixed.
  • New Jammers cannot be searched because their username is unknown; however, even once their username is visible the search may not work to find them until several days later.
  • In the 2017 update the non members who have been members can also have 1000 buddies!



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