Adventure Bubble-Trouble
Bubble Trouble was released on June 12, 2014, with its hard mode being released on June 26, 2014. This is the ninth adventure in Animal Jam and is available for all Jammers. It can only be played by aquatic animals.
Bubble Trouble Adventure


  • The player spawns in an ocean with Liza on a rock above the surface. She asks you to explore the ocean and see what you can find.
  • The player explores the ocean only to find that the path has been blocked by goo spewing valves, which they must close by performing the swirl action in the circle of bubbles above the valve.
  • Once they close the first area of valves, they meet a dolphin who is trapped in a cage and says he will give you a wheel for the next valve if you find a key to release him.
  • The last phantom destroyed in the area will drop the key that needs to be used to open the cage.
  • Once the dolphin is released, they produce a wheel which needs to be taken to the valve and placed on it.
  • Once the wheel is placed on the valve, bubbles appear and you can swirl in them to close the valve.
  • You must continue to explore the ocean, dealing with phantoms and one-way currents, which are similar to the slides in earlier adventures with caves.
  • You need to find the keys to unlock three more caged dolphins. The keys are in areas blocked by goo spewing valves that need their wheels found and placed on them.
  • A Dolphins Only Passage is included in this adventure, which is hidden behind some seaweed.
  • In the hard mode of the adventure, there is also a Sharks Only Passage; it is located at the most complicated portion of the game. You will find it at the bottom of the entire map, and it is very well hidden.
  • Once the three dolphins are released, they help you in swirling over and opening a large hatch.
  • Once the hatch is open, you proceed through it and must avoid touching the Phantom Coral, which lines the walls as you pass by what appears to be a phantom factory of some kind.
  • Once you are past the factory, some final currents return you to Liza safely. Liza will ask what you have found below the surface and will award you with 5 different prizes to choose from.
  • After completing the adventure, you will return to where you launched the adventure from.


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Treasure Chest Normal Hard
Top Left Ocean-Treasure-Chest Prize Ocean Treasure Chest Phantom-Pipe-and-Valve Prize Phantom Pipe And Valve
Top Center Gems 1000 Gems Phantom-Hatch Prize Phantom Hatch
Top Right Reef-Coral Prize Reef Coral Phantom-Key Prize Phantom Key
Bottom Left Chomperclam Chomper Clam Gems 1250 Gems
Bottom Right Phantom-Coral Prize Phantom Coral Phantom-Bubble Prize Phantom Bubble

Animal Passages

Dolphins Only Passage

Clothing Items

Sharks Only Passage (Hard Mode Only)

Clothing Items


  • Bubble Trouble was the first underwater Adventure to be released.
  • This Adventure marks the introduction of Chomper Clams.
  • The final currents leading the player to Liza hold unavoidable sacks of Gems.
  • There is a glitch that can cause phantoms to get stuck in the currents.
  • A glitch can occur where, when you go up a current, your animal is forced back down. This can create an endless loop. This glitch can, however, be avoided if you move your animal with the arrow keys rather than with the mouse.
  • A glitch can occur at the beginning where one phantom goes into 2 Chomper Clams, making the adventure unbeatable because the player can't trap all of the phantoms.
  • On an unknown date (presumably in 2018), the Turtle-only passage earlier present in the hard mode of Bubble Trouble was replaced by the Shark-only passage.
  • There is a glitch where the clothes on the dolphins don't appear


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