Brady's Expeditions is a video series where the player helps Brady find a giant snake. The player can also help Brady by choosing what he should do. The player will not earn any Gems, but they can earn prizes in some chapters. The game was introduced on May 23, 2013. To access the game, the player must click on the area in Brady's Lab that says "Brady's Expeditions".


To start the game, the player must click on the Python Safari Board. Next, the player can then choose a chapter. They will watch a video, and then they will soon have to pick their choice onto what Brady should do. The player will get to see what happens. If they choose the correct choice, they will move on to the next chapters. If they choose an incorrect choice, they will have to pick another choice, and the incorrect choice they picked is stalked black and white. Sometimes, the incorrect choices can appear to be humorous. Most of the chapters do not have prizes available for the player upon completion, but some chapters do.


  • The Leeches on Brady Barr's leg were fake.


Certain chapters have prizes after them in which all players can receive, regardless if they are a member or not. The ones that do have a little gift box icon by their name in the chapter selection. The prizes the player can earn follow below:

Item Chapter Multiple Varieties?
Spiderweb Hammock 3 No
Snake Pennant 8 Yes
Snake Throne 12 Yes


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