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Black RareBow
The Black Rare Bow and Arrows
Rare bow and arrows
Rare Pink Bow
Rare Pink Bow And Arrows
Bow and arrows
A Bow and arrows, appearing as a gift
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The Bow and Arrows are one of the most commonly seen items in Jamaa; getting them is a completely different story. They first appeared as a gift over the 2011 Jamaalidays and have become rarer over the years. Around November 2012 some bow and arrows became rare. Later this year a new type  appeared, though they had different coloration and are not labeled as "rare" by AJHQ or jammers.

The bow and arrows arrived in the Jamaalidays both flexible and bright; as seen below, there were a myriad of colors available. This included the original blue (on the side of the page), green, lime green, orange, pink, purple, copper, silver, and a white/gray medley. However there is one rarer type of bow. You could say rare raspberry bows, due to few jammers having seen these miscolored bows - they are a deep 
Rare Raspberry bows
purplish pink. The black and lime green bows have so far only been distributed for 2012, and the copper and silver only for 2011. The black, white/gray and blue bow and arrows tend to be most common, while the green and purple have never been glimpsed to most Jammers. There is a controversial topic on the brown bow and arrows but because the claims of seeing this unusual colored weapon describes a bow and arrows very similar to one of the orange bow and arrows, the speculations have been squashed. It is, however, likely that some arrows were discolored when first given as gifts on the Jamaalidays. Bows are often used by clan members, along with fox hats/raccoon hats; they are more commonly used than swords.

Clothing? Type?
Rare Version? Yes
Beta stage? No
All-jammers? Yes
Other Variants? Yes 
Price? Gift
Sold Where? Gift and trades

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Picture 3
The expensive and fairly unpopular golden bow and arrows.
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One more type of bow and arrows appeared on May 4, 2012 to the joy of many Jammers. However, to non-members, this joy was short-lived. The new golden bow and arrows costs 4500 gems, a hefty sum, and can only be bought and worn by members. Many Jammers, including members, shun the golden weapon because of it not being the authentic archery tool given out at the earlier date. The golden bows and arrows are located in the Epic Wonders shop in the Coral Canyons.

In December 24, 2012, new Bow and Arrows were released to the game. Starting in November, all of the bows from 2011's Jamaalidays were turned "rare" by AJHQ. Many people with "Rare" Bow and Arrows say their bow and arrow is way better than the new ones. Many Jammers report these as mean Jammers. The new colors are lime green and black. Silver and copper bows were not distributed in 2012, while the lime green and black were added. Many Jammers adore these new colors.

In 2013, when the adventures were released, many Jammers reported winning Rare Bows on Hard Mode of Return of the Phantoms. It has been confirmed you can win these on the first adventure when you do not lose many lives.

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  • It is the only non-member weapon besides the Slingshot and Pirate Sword.
  • It was a Jamaaliday Daily gift on 23 December in 2013.
  • Many people trick new jammers into thinking that the jamaaliday ones are rare and are used for scams. To see if it's really a rare bow, check for the "rare" symbol.

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