Not to be confused with the Golden Bow And Arrows and Spring Bow And Arrows.

The Bow And Arrows are a non-member land clothing item that can be worn on the back. It was first released in December 2011 as one of the Daily Jamaaliday Gifts and has been available as a Jamaaliday Gift annually since.


The Bow and Arrows consist of a compound bow tied to a patched quiver that holds the arrows. There is a gear placed on both the upper limb and the lower limb of the bow, where the strings are attached. Two arrows are in the quiver. This item comes in sixteen different varieties, 8 of which are rare.


  • It used to be one of the only non-member weapons besides the Slingshot and Pirate Sword.
  • The Bow and Arrows released in 2011 later received the golden "Rare" badge in 2012 and were renamed to Rare Bow And Arrows.
  • The non-rare versions were a Jamaalidays gift on December 23, 2012, December 23, 2013, December 20, 2014, December 14, 2015, and December 22, 2016.
  • There is a non-rare "neon" blue variety of the Bow and Arrows that can be obtained through the Adventure The Forgotten Desert.
  • There is a members-only variant to this item called the Golden Bow And Arrows that are sold at Epic Wonders.
  • This item looks somewhat similar to the Longbow.
  • Both the rare and non-rare versions can be found as random prizes in certain Adventures.
  • Currently, there is a glitch, where when a player equips ANY Bow and Arrows (including the Golden and Spring versions) to a goat, the color palette appears in an unreleased version.


Original "Rare" Colors

New Colors


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