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Bow and arrows

A Bow and arrows, appearing as a gift

The Bow and Arrows are non-member land clothing items. They're one of the most commonly seen items in Jamaa; while obtaining them is a different story. Both rare and un-rare versions of this item are highly coveted. Jammers' can obtain them by trading valuables, rare items, or beta items.

They have several strings and two gears, the also have a patched quiver, these bows can not be used in adventures.


The very first version of Bow and Arrows appeared as 2011 Jamaalidays gifts. These bows are considered rarer over the years. Around November 2012 most Bows and Arrows were labeled with rare tag. The second set of Bow and Arrows was released in 2012. They have different coloration and are not labeled as "rare" by AJHQ or Traders. However, they are common. There is a 'Blue Neon Bow that you get in Forgotten Desert.' But some say that in about a year, the neon bow will show up in stores.

Type? Clothing
Has a Rare version been released? Yes
Beta stage? No
Non-member Yes
Are there other released variations of the item? Yes 
Price? Gift
Sold Where? Gift and trades

2011 Rare Bow and Arrows

The Bow And Arrows first arrived in the Jamaalidays. As seen below, there were a myriad of colors available. This included the original blue (seen above), green, lime green, orange, pink, purple, copper, silver, and a white/gray medley. There is also a rumored/possibly-upcoming Neon Blue. The Black and Lime Green bows' have so far only been distributed for 2012, and the Copper and Silver only for 2011.

The black, white, and blue bows tend to be most common, along with the green and purple.

These type of bow can be won in an adventure when opening Animal Gates in Hard Mode. The Arctic Wolf gate in Return of the Phantoms and the Tiger Gate in Meet Cosmo have been confirmed to reward Rare Bows with a randomized/AJHQ-Chosen color.

Another variant of the Bows And Arrows appeared on May 4, 2012.

Another variant/counterpart "The Golden Bow And Arrow" was sold. It costs 4,500 Gems and can only be bought and worn by members. Many Jammers, including members, do not choose to wear the golden version. The Golden Bow is located in the Epic Wonders. In December 24, 2012, new Bow and Arrows were released to the game. Starting in November, all of the bows from 2011's Jamaalidays were given a  "rare sign" by AJHQ. The new colors are not as bright-themed as the "Rare Bow And Arrows." In 2013, when the adventures were released, many Jammers reported winning Rare Bows on Hard Mode of Return of the Phantoms. It has been confirmed a Jammer can win these on the first adventure when not loosing many lives.



  • It is the only non-member weapon besides the Slingshot and Pirate Sword.
  • The non-rare version was a Jamaaliday Daily Gift on December 23, 2012 and 2013.
  • The long bow is a members-only bow that is commonly available in the adventure The Forgotten Desert. It is possibly a counterpart of the Bow And Arrows.
  • The Neon Blue bow, as in the release of The Forgotten Desert adventure, can now be obtained through the Forgotten Desert adventure. It is still high in demand though, demanding it long collars for a bow.

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