This article is about the den. For the party, see Bounce House Party.
Icon of Bounce House

The Bounce House is a members-only land den. It was formerly sold at the Diamond Shop and was first released on July 23, 2015.


This den is set in a grassy clearing with a dense pine forest in the background and a blue sky with puffy clouds on the horizon. The house itself is actually an inflatable bounce house that causes Jammers to bounce up and down when they step inside it. The house has default colors of green flooring with orange and yellow walls as well as blue slides and stairs. The house includes three floors that are connected by inflatable stairs. The first floor is slightly raised with a short slide on the right side and stairs leading up on the left side. The second floor is slightly larger than the first and has a longer slide towards the bottom end and stairs leading up towards the top end. The third and final floor is the smallest and resembles a rounded tower. There is a small stone path that leads between the entrance and the two slides.



Unique Patterns

Wall Patterns

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Floor Patterns

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