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Jamaa-Journal Vol-078 Birthstones

This set was first announced in Jamaa Journal Volume 78

The Birthstones Collection is a set of members-only den items that were introduced at the beginning of 2013. The set consists of twelve gemstones that are sold seasonally (one for each month) and a hanging display shelf that is sold year-round at Epic Wonders.


Birthstones vary in appearance. The particular gem of the month is inlaid in a gold-like metal. Each of the twelve birthstones (for twelve months) is unique. They also sparkle. They are all rather small.


Name Price
Birthstone Display 1000 Year-round
Garnet Birthstone 1500 January
Amethyst Birthstone 1500 February
Aquamarine Birthstone 1500 March
Diamond Birthstone 1500 April
Emerald Birthstone 1500 May
Pearl Birthstone 1500 June
Ruby Birthstone 1500 July
Peridot Birthstone 1500 August
Sapphire Birthstone 1500 September
Opal Birthstone 1500 October
Topaz Birthstone 1500 November
Turquoise Birthstone 1500 December


  • The stone of the month comes out on the first of that month and leaves at the end of the month.
  • Although it is not a birthstone, the Birthstone Display was released alongside the birthstones.


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