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AJHQ Warning to get the LAST Birthstone of the year (December) Get it in Epic Wonders as the page says

Birthstones are items that were introduced to Animal Jam at the beginning of 2013. They are member-only den items.
Type Den Item
Rare? Not really, but they are in stores for only one month
Beta stage? No
Non-member? No
Are there other released variations of the item? Yes
Price 1,500 gems

A fully completed display of Birthstones in a Gingerbread House Den.


Birthstones vary in appearance. The particular gem of the month is inlaid in a gold-like metal. Each of the twelve birthstones (for twelve months) is unique. They also sparkle. They are all rather small.


  • These are sold in Epic Wonders.
  • The stone of the month comes out on the first of that month and leaves at the end of the month.
  • There is a birthstone display where Jammers can place their birthstones.


 See the Birthstones Gallery.

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