Binky is an NPC who appears in the Return Of The Phantoms adventure. Her role in the adventure includes guarding her burrow while her parents are away. When the player waters all twelve plants, she will allow them to enter the Bunny Burrow


My friends left me to look after the BURROW. They will return once the plants are all fixed.


Binky has a white coat with no patterns. Her inside-ears are plum purple, and she has black, feminine eyes. She wears a pink Star Hat and a pink Winter Blanket.


  • Binky and Cookie are the only bunnies not to have a commonly given name.
  • Binky's parents were originally thought to be the two bunnies in the burrow, George and Clover; however, this is no longer clear since the dialogue was changed.
  • In the first version of the Return of the Phantoms Adventure, she was the only rabbit to not appear. Later, when non-members were able to play the adventure, she made her appearance.
  • Sometime in December 2016, Binky's dialogue changed from her telling the player her parents were gone, to her telling the player her friends were gone.