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Beta Tiara 2

The Green Beta Tiara, the more common of the two currently-available through trade—but very uncommon—Beta Tiaras.

The Beta Tiara (Green) is a non-member land clothing item. It was formerly bought at Jam Mart Clothing in 2012. The milky tiara was available during beta testing times, along with the pearly one. It resembles the currently available Tiara, especially the green tiara with a red gem and the milky-white tiara with a blue gem.


Type? Clothing Item
Rare version? Yes
Released during Beta stage? Yes
Non-member? Yes  
Price? 250 Gems
Sold where?  Jam Mart Clothing

Origin Theories

There are many debates on how the Beta Tiara was distributed into the game. Some believe that the beta tiara was created very early in Animal Jam but were suddenly taken out of Jam Mart Clothing, giving very little chance for Jammers to buy them. Others say the original tiara was first distributed in different colors, but quickly deleted once again; all theories aside, no one is exactly sure when these tiaras were distributed in the game, nor when and why they were removed.

The green tiara was an available color variant at a later point, but was taken out due to members being able to scam with them. If a player has one, they can still put it on. The green Beta Tiara has a blue gem, while the new variation has a red/pink gem. The white Beta Tiara has a pink gem. Many Jammers mistake the store-bought blue gem white tiara as the Beta Tiara. There is also another beta tiara called the pearly tiara, with a bluish-purple gem, unlike the white tiara with a reddish-pink gem on top.


  •  There may have been more coloration to the Beta Tiara, but nobody is certain.
  •  This Tiara is the most different form all the beta variants because of its green color.  


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