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The Beta Testing was the testing period lasting from 17 July, 2010 to 9 September, 2010, where Animal Jam Headquarters allowed players to test out their newly-created game. The only lands at this time were Jamaa Township, Lost Temple of Zios, Sarepia Forest and Crystal Sands. There were no underwater features or animals, and Pets were also unavailable at the time. Unlike today's version of Jamaa, the only shops were Jam Mart Furniture and Jam Mart Clothing. Paid membership was not available, and all players had the same features.


Jamaa Township

Aj beta picture (jamaa township)
Jamaa Township was not very different from how it is today. Jammer Central had green jewels on circle and a board that is near the bridge to The Lost Temple of Zios. The Mira statue was also different from now, some of the differences being that the statue was dark blue, with Mira picking up her right foot and spreading her wings. 

The Lost Temple of Zios

Beta lost temple of zios

The beta version of the Lost Temple of Zios was very similar to today's version. The broken Zios Mask statue was not there, and instead, there was a Monkey statue which may be Graham, the monkey Alpha. The Games banner was on the building with elephant statue. There was no path to Sarepia Forest.

Sarepia Forest

Beta sarepia forest3864
Sarepia Forest looked similar to what it is now, however the Flag Shop was locked up, there were red and white mushrooms and a giant mushroom scattered around the forest floor, and Jammers were unable to go down the slide. The Sarepia Theater was around, but had fewer videos to watch than in current times.

Crystal Sands

Beta crystal sands9774

Crystal Sands had a more realistic look during the Beta Testing. Overflow was located in a different place, and Captain Melville's Juice Hut was much larger. The hut had a large wooden pineapple, painted along the top, as the hut logo. On the beach, there was a sand castle with a little red flag on the top. There was also a totem statue in the background and tiger face-shaped caves, which may be a reference to Sir Gilbert, the tiger alpha, due to Crystal Sands being his guardian land. Crystal Sands kept this look until July 2011.


During Beta Testing, there was only one den available to all players. The den opened with a large bridge that connected to a two-story den and had a ladder connecting to the upper floor. It also had a basement, which was connected to the main floor by a stone staircase. The bridge outside would lead back to Jamaa Township. Players could place their purchased den items, but there were no music items or pets to place in the den.

Player Appearance

The player avatar has remained the same. The only available animals were the Tiger, Wolf, Bunny, Monkey, Koala, and Panda, also considered the "Original Six." The Jammer's information did not have the Pet tab, as Pets were not available at the time. There was also no choice to play mini-games since they weren't implemented into the game yet.


Settings Button

During the Beta Testing,
Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 7.25.47 PM

The timer button.

the original settings appeared as an alarm clock for setting a time, later to be replaced by the current settings. On the bottom screen was a setting to turn the noise off. As of today, the alarm clock cannot be used; it has been taken down.

Dress Animal Button

Dressing and customizing an animal hasn't changed very much since the Beta Testing. 

Beta appencae83636

The name of the player's animal was still above the animal, but they couldn't change the name tag color or badge. There were only twenty colors available to customize your character with. The "change eyes" button looked white with a black line. The animal in the middle was 2D, and so were the items (the items, however, were made 3D in 2012 while the animal became 3D right after Beta Testing ended in 2010). As Trading and Pets features were not available at the time, these options were not included in the Dress Animal tab.

Clothing and Den Items

AJHQ Jam-Mart Beta

Items from Beta Times

During the Beta Testing there were only two shops, Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture. Items sold in these shops at the time have been nicknamed "beta." While most items sold during this time have not been sold since, many items have been re-released (either as a Rare Item Monday or its regular version), moved to a different shop, or are still currently sold. Because there were no memberships available, all items were available to all players, including some items which are members-only today.

Click "show" to see a list of items released during Beta Testing

This list excludes rare versions, freedom versions, or other versions of items unless stated otherwise.

Jam Mart Clothing

Jam Mart Furniture - Items

Jam Mart Furniture - Flooring

Jam Mart Furniture - Wallpaper


  • During the Beta Testing, it was possible to have "mate" as the animal's third name. This was later removed for potentially inappropriate content.
  • All of the original animals (except for the wolf) had large googly eyes in their oringinal default look.


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