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Balloosh is a swamp-themed location in Jamaa. This is the place where the Ancient Heartstone originated from. It was released on February 15, 2018. It links to Mt. Shiveer through a bridge above the Hot Cocoa Hut and links to Appondale from a pathway behind the Conservation Museum.


The Ancient Heartstone from The River's Heart is located in the middle of the map with two fangs. There is a circle of mysterious stones with markings similar to the Ancient Heartstone in the bottom right corner. In the top right corner, there is a wooden building on stilts that resembles a market, which houses the land's only shop. On the left side of the map, near the bridge to Appondale, there is a large tree with spiral steps leading up to 2 platforms located near the top. In the top left corner of the land is the Temple of the Ancients, an ancient-looking stone building covered in glowing markings. Stone bridges, wooden walkways, and stepping stones connect the different areas, as well as waterfalls flowing from the Ancient Temple.


  • Temple of the Ancients - a small temple similar to the buildings in the ancient city in The Mystery Below. There are vines overhanging the walls and a glowing blue crystal near a water area on the top.


  • Ancient Antiquities - Built into the wall of the wooden market structure. It sells fossil-like den items.
  • Ancient Armory - Inside Temple of the Ancients, sells the Ancient Armor set.

Journey Book

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Species Location
[[File:|40px]] Duck To the right of the bridge on the left side of the map (moving)
[[File:|40px]] Leeches Under the stone bridge next to the heartstone (standing)
[[File:|40px]] Click Beetle To the lower left of the stone circle (moving)
[[File:|40px]] Snapping Turtle On the rocks to the right of the stone circle, next to the Mount Shiveer exit (moving)
[[File:|40px]] Water Lillies At the bottom of the waterfall next to the heartstone (standing)
[[File:|40px]] Lichen Covering the supports of the dock, bottom right from Ancient Antiquities (standing)
[[File:|40px]] Heron On the fountain, to the left of Ancient Antiquities (moving)
[[File:|40px]] Toad On the dock, above the lichen and below Ancient Antiquities (moving)
[[File:|40px]] Swamp Snake Above the dock, in the water between the trees (moving)
[[File:|40px]] Salamander Crawling on the very top of the ancient building



  • Balloosh is a marsh-like land and is most likely based off of the Everglades, a region of marshes in Florida.
  • There was originally a sketch for Balloosh that was removed from Animal Jam's files in 2017. This 2017 version of Balloosh looks very different from when the room was officially released in February 2018.
  • It is possible to climb up the market structure, similar to the tree in Appondale.
  • It is currently the only land area in Jamaa that has yet to be released in Play Wild.
  • The Heartstone was changed to have fangs when the Sabertooth was released.


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