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Bahari Bay is an underwater area in Animal Jam. It was first released on September 15, 2011. This ocean area has a ladder up to Crystal Sands in the north, a cave to Crystal Reef in the west, and a passage to the Deep Blue in the south.


The only shop in this area is Bahari Bargains, which sells underwater clothes and includes a recycling barrel to recycle clothing for Gems. This shop is located just to the right of the seahorse statue and appears as a double-door wooden entry attached to the side of the rocks.


  • Best Dressed - This best dressed is for underwater animals only. Dress in the clothes that match the theme best. Vote for the Jammer you believe dressed best. A reminder is to change you colors, eyes, and patterns as well!
  • Splash and Dash - This game was tested by members, but now everyone can play this game!  It is something similar to Jamaa Derby, but with the dolphins replacing the horses.

Journey Book

This journey book page consists of eleven animals and landscape features that can be found all around. The reward for completing this page is a Seahorse Fountain like the one in the center of Bahari Bay.

Journey Book of Bahari Bay

The completed Journey Book page on Bahari Bay

Click "show" to see a list of Journey Book features and their locations
  • Elephant Seal - Stand by the seahorse statue. The elephant seal will swim in the distance.
  • California Barracuda - Do the same steps of finding the elephant seal.
  • Jellyfish -  Wait near the Barrel Sponge. Jellyfish will come out of the seaweed in the background.
  • Sea Star - Can be found near the entrance of the Ocean Adventure Base Camp
  • Oyster- Located above the Phantom Sign.
  • Sea Cucumber- Found right above the Giant Clam. It's pink.
  • Barrel Sponge- Found next to Sea cucumber. It looks like a barrel.
  • Scallop - Can be seen north-east of the Giant Clam.
  • Giant Clam - Found at the bottom left corner. It opens and closes.
  • Kelp - You can find it below Splash and Dash.
  • Moray Eel - Can be seen coming out of the coral near the Jellyfish Pet Finder.


  • Bahari Bay is the underwater equivalent of Jamaa Township; when first buying an underwater animal, Jammers are teleported here first, rather than the other ocean territories.
  • Bahari Bay and Crystal Reef share the same music.
  • This area was introduced at the same time as Crystal Reef.
  • The meaning of Bahari comes from the Arabic origin meaning 'from the sea'.


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