This article is about the shop. For the location, see Bahari Bargains (Place).

The Bahari Bargains is an underwater shop that sells underwater clothing items. It can be found in Bahari Bay, near the underwater game, Best Dressed, and was introduced on September 15, 2011.


Available Items

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Ocean Items Type? Gems Members-Only?
Seaweed Mohawk Seaweed Mohawk Head 750 Yes
Superhero Cape 1 Hero Cape Body 400 Yes
Airplane Wings 2012 pink Airplane Wings Body 450 Yes
Coral Hat 1 Coral Hat Head 550 Yes
Propeller white Propeller Body 400 Yes
Flippers blue Flippers Legs 250 Yes
Sombrero brown Sombrero Head 300 Yes
Bahari-Bargains Salamander-Gills Orange Salamander Gills Neck 500 Yes
Anglerfish Hat blue Anglerfish Hat Head 300 Yes
Bahari-Bargains Goggles Yellow Goggles Head 250 Yes
Monocle Monocle Head 450 Yes
STK 1 Scuba Tank Body 300 Yes
Fruit Hat Fruit Hat Head 450 Yes
SAR 1 Shell Armor Body 350 Yes
Shell Helmet green Shell Helmet Head 300 Yes
White-narwhal-horn Narwhal Horn Head 650 Yes
TRI 1 Trident Legs 300 Yes
PLN 1 Pearl Necklace Neck 700 Yes
AJSN 1 Seashell Necklace Neck 250 Yes
LFA 1 Lionfish Armor Body 450 Yes
LFH 1 Lionfish Helmet Head 350 Yes
Fossilized Tooth Necklace red Fossilized Tooth Necklace Neck 300 Yes
Animal jam sailor hat Sailor Hat Head 300 Yes
Fisherman's Cape brown Fisherman's Cape Body 650 Yes
Seaweed Boa green Seaweed Boa Neck 400 Yes
Starfish Glasse Starfish Glasses Head 400 Yes
Bahari-Bargains Jellyfish-Hat Pink Jellyfish Hat Head 300 Yes
Seaweed Hair green Seaweed Hair Head 300 Yes
Kelp skirt1 Kelp Skirt Body 350 Yes
UTH 1 Top Hat Head 500 Yes
CNK 1 Coral Necklace Neck 250 Yes
LNE 1 Lantern Necklace Neck 650 Yes
SDN 1 Sand Dollar Necklace Neck 500 Yes
Bahari-Bargains Police-Hat Blue Police Hat Head 450 Yes
JSB 10 Sheriff Badge Body 350 Yes
Water Wings Water Wings Body 250 Yes
Bioluminescent Necklace red Bioluminescent Necklace Neck 400 Yes
EYP 1 Eye Patch Head 200 Yes
AJPH 1 Pirate Hook Legs 300 Yes
Shop Pirate-Bandanna Black Pirate Bandana Head 150 No
Pirate Hat and Bandana black Pirate Hat & Bandana Head 300 Yes
Flower Necklace Flower Necklace Neck 150 No

Formerly Sold Items

These items were once sold in Bahari Bargains, but they are no longer available. Many of them are seasonal items that return during certain times of the year.

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Ocean Items Type? Gems Members-Only?
HeTr01 Heart Trident Legs 500 Yes
Heart Necklace Heart Necklace Neck 300 Yes
Heart Eye Patch Heart Eye Patch Head 250 Yes
Anchor Ballcap pink Anchor Ballcap Head 450 No
Bahari-Bargains Clown-Mask Pink Clown Mask Head 350 Yes
Halo 1 Halo (Underwater) Head 300 Yes
Jack-O'-Lantern Head orange Jack-O'-Lantern Head Head 400 Yes
Bahari-Bargains Nessie-Mask Blue Nessie Mask Head 350 Yes
Skeleton Mask white Skeleton Mask Head 350 Yes
Old Scuba Helmet brown Old Scuba Helmet Head 300 Yes
Pufferfish 1 Pufferfish Helmet Head 550 Yes
Freedom skull necklace Freedom Skull Necklace Neck 600 Yes
NNK 1 Nautilus Necklace Neck 250 Yes
Bahari-Bargains Neck-Bolts Grey Neck Bolts Neck 300 Yes
Rare Tavie Charm Necklace Rare Tavie Charm Necklace Neck 750 Yes
Freedom airplane wings Freedom Airplane Wings Body 700 Yes
Freedom superhero cape Freedom Superhero Cape Body 800 Yes
Bahari-Bargains Gingerbread-Man Black Gingerbread Man Body 500 Yes
JAPS 1 Pufferfish Spikes Body 650 Yes
171px-STL 8 Steampunk Launcher Body 400 Yes
Tutu01 Tutu Body 350 Yes
SkSuO01 Skeleton Suit Body 400 Yes
Shop Lionfish-Fin-Armor Pink Lionfish Fin Armor Legs 300 Yes
Clover necklace00 Clover Necklace Neck 300 Yes
CloverSkirt Clover Skirt Body 550 Yes
Clover trident00 Clover Trident Legs 500 Yes
Clover cape00 Clover Cape Body 450 Yes