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The Atlantis Party is an underwater-themed party that only ocean animals can go to. It was first introduced on April 12, 2012 and after a period of leaving and returning to the parties list, the party finally returned on May 26, 2016.


This party appears similar to a Lost Ruins Den that has been flipped horizontally with a mirrored layout and includes a larger space with added water around the entrance. It is decorated with abundant amount of kelp stalks and many other plants along with some furniture that fits in with the Greek architecture in the background. Various glowing lights can be seen throughout the party and the Parthenon seen in the distance is filled with colorful lights that stream out from the inside.


Jammers can buy underwater items from two shops in this party: a clothing shop to the left on the main floor and a den item shop at the top just above the stairs. Multiple bubble rings can be found throughout the party where Jammers can swirl to create whirlpools similar to the ones created in the underwater Adventures. There are multiple big, orange starfish that Jammers can click on to get a little starfish that they can then carry around. There is also a large, sunken anchor where Jammers can obtain a small anchor to carry around the party.

Atlantis Shop

There are two main shops that are named the same, yet one sells furniture while the other sells clothing.

Den Items

These are all members-only.

Items Gems
Bubblabrum 1 Bubblabrum 300
Bubble Lamp 1 Bubble Lamp 250
Bubble Torch Bubble Torch 280
Bubble Welcome Mat 1 Bubble Welcome Mat 175
Bubblevision 1 Bubblevision 500
Bubble Speakers 1 Bubble Speakers 250


Items Type? Members-Only? Gems
JPH 1 Propeller Hat Head Yes 500
JCAP 1 Anchor Ballcap Head No 450
Atlantis-Shop Wave-Necklace Blue Wave Necklace Neck No 400
Atlantis-Party Trident-Necklace Blue Trident Necklace Neck Yes 450


  • It is the only underwater party in Animal Jam.
  • There is a rumor that if enough Jammers swirl in one whirlpool, each of the players swirling will be rewarded with items, Gems, and/or free membership. However, just like the ice at Mt. Shiveer and the bridge at Coral Canyons, these rumors are false.
  • This party remained in the parties list until sometime around July 2013. It returned for a few months around December 2014 but then vanished again around April 2015. Along with the Atlantis Party, the Monkeys Only Party and the Bunnies Only Party also left. In May 2016, the party returned.
  • It is named after Atlantis.


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