For the pet counterpart, see Pet Arctic Wolf.
Not to be confused with the Arctic Fox or the Wolf.

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The Arctic Wolf is a members-only land animal that was first released in October of 2012. It was originally available only as a promotional gift when redeeming specific Arctic Wolf Gift Cards that included a three month Membership. It was re-released on May 30, 2013, as one of the animals sold in the Diamond Shop.

Default Appearance

The default coloring has maroon-pink ears, a white overcoat, and a light grey undercoat. The eyes are shaped like half-moons with white in the center and a black outline. This differs from the default artwork that shows a blue-grey overcoat, a white undercoat, and blue-grey eyes.


  • The arctic wolf dancing.
  • The arctic wolf hopping.
  • The arctic wolf sleeping.
  • The arctic wolf playing.
Acts Description
Sits much like a wolf, but taller and stronger pose with its tail raised
A more relaxed version of the hula. Turning it's body side to side, arms smoothly following the sway of hips, and slightly moving it's feet as it dances
Lays down in a loose curl position, head rested on front paws, chest rising and falling softly
Hops up and down, tail bobbing and paws kicking out; seems almost like an in-place leap
Rolls on the ground playfully, much like a dog; shakes out fur and rolls again


  • They are related to common Wolves. However, Arctic Wolves have more fur upon their chests and tail than normal Wolves do, and are members-only, unlike Wolves.
  • Arctic Wolves in the game are larger than normal wolves, but in reality, they are smaller.
  • Arctic Wolves are able to enter the Wolves Only Party, as they are a subspecies of the Wolf, but cannot unlock Wolves-only passages in adventures.
  • Arctic Wolves have animal passages in many adventures such as Return of the Phantoms, The Hidden Falls, and The Phantom Fortress.
  • They are the 17th animal to be introduced in Jamaa, and the second animal released as part of a gift card bundle.
  • Initially, players could only obtain an Arctic Wolf from an Arctic Wolf three-month membership gift card, with the name of "Arctic Wolf", but after they were released to the diamond shop, Arctic Wolf gift cards were no longer sold.
  • In-game, Arctic Wolves cannot use the eyes shown in the artwork of them.
  • The colors in the color palette for the Arctic Wolf are reversed, the top box being for the under coat while the bottom box is for the over coat.
  • The default colors for the overcoat and for the eyes are not one of the available color choices, and are no longer available once it is changed.
  • There is a Giant Plushie, a line of regular plushies, a Claw Machine, and a Pet based on the arctic wolf.
  • When a Tuxedo Jacket, Holiday Sweater, Knitted Sweater, or other shirts are worn, the items go underneath the Arctic Wolf's thick "mane".
  • There is a glitch where the Cosmic Necklace shows the incorrect pendant when worn by an Arctic Wolf, but it displays correctly in the Change Your Look menu.
  • A giant Arctic Wolf statue serves as the animal shop in the middle of the Diamond Shop.
  • As a promotion, there are now Snowflake Arctic Wolves. There are snowflakes surrounding the character in-game and patterns reminiscent of the Spring Bunny.
  • Like many other Animals, Arctic Wolves are also available in the mobile version of Animal Jam, Play Wild.
  • AJHQ added a clearance sign to the Arctic Wolf for 1 day. When then next update came out, AJHQ changed their mind and removed the clearance sign from the Arctic Wolf.


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