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This page refers to the Arctic Wolf animal. For information on the pet of a similar name, see Arctic Wolf (Pet).

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The Arctic Wolf is a members-only land animal that was released December 2012. They are one of the four animals that can be purchased when buying a gift card that gives the Jammer the Arctic Wolf with a three month membership. 

They are related to the common Wolves that are available to non-members; however, Arctic Wolves are much larger and have more fur, mostly on their chest, than normal Wolves do. 

Default Appearance

The default coloring has maroon-pink ears, snowy-white overcoat and a slightly duller undercoat. The eyes are white half-moons, rimmed with black. Contrastingly, the artwork shows a silvery-gray to pale silverish blue overcoat and a snowy white undercoat. complete with black eyes, rimmed with blue.


  • Dance
  • Play
  • Sleep
  • Hop
  • Sit SW
  • Sit SE
  • Sit NW
  • Sit NE

Sit - Sits much like a wolf, but taller and stronger pose.

Dance - A more relaxed version of the hula.

Sleep - Lays down in a loose curl position, head rested on front paws, breathing softly.

Play: Rolls on the ground playfully, much like a dog; shakes out fur and rolls again.

Hop - Hops up and down, tail bobbing and paws kicking out; seems almost like an in-place leap.


  • Arctic Wolves have caves in Greely's Inferno hard mode and Return of the Phantoms.
  • There is a Giant Plushie of them sold at the Diamond Shop for one Diamond.
  • They are the 17th animals introduced to Jamaa, and the second animal available to own by purchasing a gift card.
  • Arctic Wolves are able to enter the Wolves Only Party, as they are a subspecies of the Wolf.
  • Arctic wolves in the game are larger than normal wolves, but in real life, they are smaller.
  • Arctic wolves are missing the default "flat" eyes shown in the artwork, but the other animals in the game have.
  • There is a glitch when an arctic wolf plays and its wearing wings, the wings go into the floor.
  • The colors in the color palette for the Arctic Wolf are reversed, the top box being for the under coat while the bottom box is for the over coat.
  • There is also a pet Arctic Wolf based on these animals.
  • Arctic Wolves have a light gray color when bought that isn't available on the color picker.
  • When Tuxedo Jackets, Holiday Sweaters, Knitted Sweaters, and other shirts are worn on an Arctic Wolf, the items go underneath the fur of the Arctic Wolf.


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