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Arctic Wolf
Species: Arctic Wolf
Cost: 10 Diamonds
Alpha: Juno
Release Date: December, 2012
Origin: None
Availability: Jamaa Township
ArcticWolf (2)

One of the Arctic Wolf artworks.

The Arctic Wolf is a members-only land animal that was released December 2012. They are one of the four animals that can be purchased when buying a gift card that gives the Jammer the Arctic Wolf with a three month membership, or 10 Diamonds. Arctic Wolves are related to the common Wolves seen roaming the lands, except they are much larger and have more fur, mostly on their chest, than normal Wolves. 

These animals are one of most popular animals in Jamaa, their Alpha is Juno.

The Arctic Wolf can be bought for 10 Diamonds at the Diamond Shop like the Snow Leopard, Cheetah, Kangaroo, etc. After you purchase one at the Diamond Shop, they can be purchased in your inventory for 1,000 Gems. The Arctic Wolf used to able to be bought as a gift card, much like other Diamond Shop animals. The gift cards can be bought at Walmart for $15.99 (U.S); however, they do not give the animal anymore. They give 10 Diamonds, used for purchasing the animal in-game. The arctic wolves bought with gift cards has a special name unavailable to those bought in-game, similar to Lions. Their exclusive name is simply called "Arctic Wolf".

There is also a pet Arctic Wolf based on these animals. Available in Diamond Shop when it comes out.


The default coloring has maroon-pink ears, snowy-white overcoat and a slightly duller undercoat. The eyes are white half-moons, rimmed with black. Contrastingly, the artwork shows a silvery-gray to blueish-gray overcoat and a paler gray undercoat, complete with dark grayish eyes rimmed with blue.


Sit: Sits much like a wolf, but taller and stronger pose.

Dance - A more relaxed version of the hula.

Sleep - Lays down in a loose curl position, head rested on front paws, breathing softly.

Play:Rolls on the ground playfully, much like a dog; shakes out fur and rolls again.

Hop - Hops up and down, tail bobbing and paws kicking out; seems almost like an in-place leap.



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