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Arctic Hood

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Arctic Hood
Arctic Hood
Important Information
Rare variant? Yes
Beta stage? Yes (Regular)
No (Rare Item Monday)
For non-members? No
Land or ocean? Land
Other variants? Yes
Price? 250 gems
740 gems

The Arctic Hood is a members-only land clothing item, that was originally released during the Beta testing stage. The Arctic hood can also be won in The Forgotten Desert Adventure.

Rare Arctic Hood
Arctic Hood 1

A red Arctic Hood, featured as a prize from The Forgotten Desert.


It is a hood with a fur trim. Attached to the hood is an eye piece with small spikes on the top. The very end of the hood ends in a curl.


  • There are actually nine colors rather than eight colors for this item. There are the common colors originally sold in the Shiveer Shoppe, but there was one color originally in the Beta (turquoise with a green ring around the Jammer's eye).


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