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The Arctic Hood is a members-only land beta clothing item.The Hood shown to the right has a green ring. 
Arctic Hood


The Arctic Hood is dark blue, with a white brim.

The Rare Arctic Hood: The Rare Arctic Hood is pure white, and has a midnight blue brim.
Rare Arctic Hood


Has a Rare version been released? Yes. 
Beta stage? Yes (Regular)

No (Rare Item Monday)

Non-Member? No, this item is for members only.
Price 250 Gems (Rare Version 740 Gems).
Are there other released variations of the item? Yes (Rare Item Monday and various colors)
Where Sold?

Shiveer Shoppe (Mount Shiveer)


  • Sometimes assorted winter hoods and hats are substituted. Arctic Hoods are some of the most coveted items on Animal Jam. It is probably the least wanted winter hat, but a fairly wanted Beta.
  • There are actually nine colors rather than eight colors for this item. There are the common colors originally sold in the Shiveer Shoppe, but there was one color originally in the Beta, turquoise with a green ring around the Jammer's eye.
  • The current rarest item in the game is the beta arctic hood (the original color) the type that is not in the Forgotten Desert, it is also the rarest because many people have obtained founders, beards etc.
  • One of the colors is commonly mistaken for a beta hood. However, you can tell which is beta by looking at the hood color closely, which is more turquoise than the non-beta counterpart. Don't be fooled by others telling you that the hood they have is beta.


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