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The April Fools' Party is a party available for all Jammers in the month of April. It celebrates April Fools' Day. It was introduced sometime during March 2012, and returns yearly.


This party takes place in an upside-down Castle Den, where the majority of the items in the party are flipped upside-down as well. Players are able to walk onto the "sky" and the "ceiling". Located in the sky and on the second floor of the castle is the April Fools' Shop, where the clothing shop is located on the second floor and the den item shop is located in the sky.

April Fools' Party Shop

Some things in the shop are oddly priced instead of using the usual fives, tens, and hundreds. 

Items Price
Upside Down Table 333 Yes
Upside Down Chandelier 345 Yes
Upside Down Sconce 213 Yes
Upside Down Tea Set 321 Yes
Upside Down Plant 123 No

Upside Down Window

432 Yes
Hypno-Glasses 469 No
Shark Hat 544 No
Frying Pan Hat 457 Yes
Glove Hat 512 Yes
Dizzy Stars 439 Yes
Polka Dot Tuxedo 550 Yes
Bunny Teeth 481 Yes


  • The party's appearance changes every year.
  • The prices of the items in the shops are not like items in other stores: there are prices like 512 gems or 333 gems, whereas regular shop items are usually a price that ends in a 0, such as items that are 500 gems or 220 gems.



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