For the shop found inside this party, see April Fools' Shop.

The April Fools' Party is a party available for all Jammers in the month of April. It celebrates April Fools' Day. It was introduced sometime during March 2012 and returns yearly. This party can be accessed by any Jammer.


The April Fools' Party takes place in an upside-down Castle Den, where the majority of the items in the party are flipped upside-down as well. Players are able to walk onto the "sky" and the "ceiling". Located in the sky and on the second floor of the castle is the April Fools' Shop, where the clothing shop is located on the second floor and the den item shop is located in the sky.


The main attractions for this party are the April Fools' Shops found in the sky and the castle areas, which sell den items and clothing respectively. Apart from the shops, this party is full of special locations that, when clicked, will give the player some sort of Holdable Icon. There are also miscellaneous Games placed in this party, although the arcade machines where they are placed do not match the actual game, following the theme of this party.


  • The party's appearance changes every year.
  • The items in this party have seemingly random prices, unlike other shops which sell items for standard prices that usually end in 0.
  • This is 1 of 2 known places to feature an unreleased variant of the Tall Phantom Statue. The other place was AJHQ's den in the first 2 weeks of October 2017.
  • If you click to get into the party again while in the party, a popup would come up and say "You are already in the most popular party!"


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