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Appondale is a land area in Animal Jam that was released in April 16, 2011 and February 1, 2016 for Play Wild. This land is believed to be modeled after a typical Savannah. Appondale is located on the far left side of the map next to Jamaa Township.


There is a mud pool in Appondale. When a Jammer stays in the mud for a long amount of time, they are covered in variable amounts of mud depending on how long they have been in the pool. To wash the mud off, the Jammer has to move around, complete an action, or wash off into a body of water (i.e. Crystal Sands.) 


  • Claws N' Paws - A pet shop, where Jammers can buy many different pets and items for their pets. It also contains a physical version of the pet stop, and the Pet Den Item Shop. Everything available at Claws 'N Paws are available on the animal customization screen. All of the normally available pets in Jamaa can be found here. This does not include seasonal pets.
  • Conservation Museum - This is where Jammers can learn about animals from exhibits, donate Gems to help endangered species like lions, tigers, etc., print and color activity pages, play the Claw, and buy hat accessories such as the Eagle Hat, Panda Hat, and Monkey Hat. Jammers can also stop by the brand-new theater, Appondale Theater, and watch animations.


  • Fruit Slinger - Each fruit has a different ability and advantage. You drag your mouse to aim, and release by letting go. Destroy the phantoms in the fort to lose! (Hint: If there are structures in mid- air, try aiming at an angle).
  • Pest Control - A game sort of like balloons. Place the defenders, or animals on the path. Upgrade the most important predators to improve their performance. If you let them escape, your health will decrease. Extra tokens equals an extra gem bonus!
  • Disc Toss - Click the "jump" button to catch as many frisbees as you can. The golden discs gives you bonus Gems! You are allowed only three misses.

Journey Book

Appondale JB

The completed Journey Book page on Appondale

This journey book page consists of eleven animals and landscape features that can be found all around Appondale. The reward for completing this page is the Acacia Pet Tree.

Click "show" to see a list of Journey Book features and their locations
  • Guinea Fowl - Perched North of the Conservation Museum, the rocky edge left of Fruit Slinger.
  • Golden Mole - Left of where is Guinea Fowl is, a bit more North where the dark area is.
  • Weaverbird - The branch above Paws 'N Claws, the Weaverbird flies from West and lands on the nest.
  • Zebra - Running in the distance from the far left to the right.
  • Black Mamba - Emerges from behind the Conservation Museum, slithering straight towards Jamaa Township.
  • Wildebeest - Grazing and walking left in the distance where Pest Control is (Look up North).
  • Ant - Where the mud pool is, Northwest there should be an ant hill.
  • Cockroach- The tree where the Conservation Museum is, wait there and it should appear. The Cockroach enters the Museum after a period of time.
  • Warthog - From the bottom of the screen, the Warthog stands in the mud pool.
  • Meerkat - Look where the mud pool is, the rocks on the center edge (Look where the ants make a path), the Meerkat is usually standing.
  • Rock Hyrax - The exit to Jamaa Township, look at the rocks closest to the mud pool, the Rock Hyrax should appear or be perched on the rocks.


  • There is a glitch in which a player will go into the mud, then goes to the Wolves Only Party and Greely's Hideout den magma area, with the aftermath being their animal turning red.
  • It is possible to climb up the giant tree.
  • This is one of the only two areas in Jamaa that connect to only one place (other being Kimbara Outback), which is the bridge east to Jamaa Township
  • This is the first land to be released on Play Wild outside the beta stage; it was released in Play Wild on February 1, 2016.


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