Animal Jam Wiki - Request for Rights

Welcome to the Animal Jam Wiki Request for Rights system. Please read the information below before creating a new request or voting on one.

Creating a request
Efforts have been made to reduce the amount of complexity in the process of creating a RfR. After ensuring you meet the requirements set for the rights you are requesting, click the relevant button, which will automatically create the page required, and redirect you there. At this point, please fill out the summary, briefly explaining why you believe you are suitable. After this, the only thing you may still wish to do is ask an admin to create a thread to highlight it for you.
While it is possible for a user to belong to several groups at once (for example, a user may be a chat moderator and a custodian if they fulfill the requirement for both positions), only one RfR should be active at a time.

Voting on a request
On each request, there will be a link to the relevant talk page which is where votes should be left. Prefix your vote with the relevant template:
✦{{Support}} for 15px-Symbol support vote-(support)
✦{{Neutral}} for Neutral-(neutral)
✦{{Oppose}} for Symbol oppose vote oversat-(oppose)
Ensure that you leave a reason for voting, as well as your signature, otherwise your vote may be discounted.


Custodians help keep the wiki neat and tidy. This position combines the imagepatrol, commentcontrol, and rollback rights into one group.

Custodians can perform the following duties:

  • Deleting pages
  • Deleting comments
  • Move files
  • Rollback edits


  • 3 consecutive months on the wiki
  • 200 mainspace edits

Click to create a Custodian RfR

Chat Moderator

Chat moderators are responsible for keeping order on the wiki's chat room. They have no other abilities outside of chat, unless they are also a member of another user rights group.

Chat moderators are capable of:

  • Kicking users from chat
  • Banning users from chat
  • Adding and removing warnings using the chatbot


  • 3 consecutive months on the wiki
  • Regularly on chat

Click to create a Chat Mod RfR


Administrators (often known as "admins", or less often "sysops") are well established users on the wiki who are trusted with multiple abilities on the wiki.

In addition to the abilities from the custodian and chat moderator groups, admins are also able to:

  • Edit Mediawiki pages
  • Block users from the wiki
  • Protect pages
  • Grant and revoke chat mod and custodian rights


  • 6 consecutive months on the wiki
  • 600 mainspace edits

Click to create an Administrator RfR


Bureaucrats are typically the longest serving and most reliable users on the wiki. Despite not having very many abilities of itself, bureaucrats are able to change the rights of everyone on the wiki, with the exception of demoting other bureaucrats. As a result, bureaucrats almost without exception also have admin rights as well.
Bureaucrat RfR's are typically only possible at points when a previous bureaucrat has stepped down.


In order for a RfR to be considered successful, it must have 4 or more votes and at least 75% support. Neutral votes count towards the total of votes but do not count as support.

An RfR may be deemed unsuccessful and closed if one or more of the following conditions are met:
-An RfR was created by the same user in the last 2 weeks
-The user does not meet the requirements set for the user rights
-The user was recently blocked
-The RfR was created as a joke or as an effort to spam the wiki

Previous requests that have ended can be found on the Animal Jam Wiki Archives.

Active RfR's

User Last edit Last editor
Request for Chat Moderator/Xxim0katxx AJ10:14, August 15, 2017 (hist)CrystalMeadowAJ

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