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Wikia's chat extension is an on-site live chat that registered users may utilize to communicate with fellow wiki members in real time. The feature is currently disabled due to inactivity.

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Before using chat, please review the Animal Jam Wiki's Chat Policy.


A bot is a piece of software that makes automated edits on a wikia and also helps human users to make semi-automated edits. Bots are most often used in short runs to make repetitive edits to many pages, such as moving a group of pages to a new category, fixing links to disambiguation pages, or to search for misspelled words and replace them with correct ones. However, Chat bots are purposed for chat use.

Current Chat Bots

Bot Name Manager(s) Purpose
AJWChatBot Rinzler135 Helping out

Chat Moderation

Our chat moderation staff ensure that the chat rules are upheld. A chat moderator can kick or ban users from chat. If you do not abide by our rules, you may get kicked/banned. Administrators and Councillors also have these abilities. Active chat moderators can be seen at Project:User Rights Guide.

Chat Discussion

All chat discussion should be directed to the chat discussion board. Here, you may appeal chat bans, report a user, or just discuss chat in general.

Chat Tools

There are certain scripts that make use of chat easier. Some require chat moderator rights. Some do not. These scripts and a collection of others can be found at the Dev Wiki.



CapsFirst is a script which causes the first letter of every message in any Wikia chat to be a capital letter. It supports A-Z, as well as other characters such as á. It will only work when the enter/return key is pressed i.e. while it is being said in chat.
Rights Needed: None
How to install: Put

importArticles( {
    type: 'script',
    articles: [
        // ...
        // ...
} );

into this page for use on this wiki, and this page for use on all wikis.



Rights needed: Administrator
ChatBlockButton is a script which creates a button in chat that enables the user to block a user then kick them (the kick is only performed if the user being blocked is in chat at the time). As with regular blocking, it can only be done if the blocker is an admin. Note that it currently does not work for IE users. How to install: Put

importScriptPage('ChatBlockButton/code.js', 'dev');


importArticles( {
    type: 'script',
    articles: [
        // ...
        // ...
} );

into this page for use on this wiki, and this page for use on all wikis.

Chat Hacks

Chat Hacks
Chat Hacks is a script used to make functions on chat easier. There are different versions of Chat Hacks.

Note: Chat hacks are not real "hacks".

Version 1

The original script was written by Monchoman45. You should be able to enable it by clicking "options", and clicking "Enable chathacks".
ChatHacks have certain commands. Here they are. To use these, you must have chathacks enabled. Some tools require Administrator/Moderator rights.
/afk or /away Make you appear "Away" in chat
/clear Clears all messages in chat
/devoice An IRC function
/coppa A basic idea of what COPPA is
/silence Replies with "People idle, enjoy the silence. [1]
/kick USER Kicks a defined userDoesn't work
/ban USER Bans a defined user from chat for 3 days Doesn't work
/kb USER Kickbans a defined user for 3 days Doesn't work
/mod USER Gives chat moderator rights to a defined user (Admin rights are required for this)
/demod USER Removes a defined user's chat moderator rights Doesn't work
/nc Links [2]
/block USER Blocks a defined user from private messaging you
/unblock USER unblocks a defined user from private messaging you
/help Returns a string of ChatHacks commands

Version 2

Callofduty4 made a few changes to Monchoman's version of chat hacks. His version of the script can be found here. Here are the changes made:

  • You now have the ability to mute/unmute your ping phrases using /mute and /unmute
  • The /kick, /ban, /unban, and /kb commands now work.
  • There is now an /sc command for a quick link to Special:Contact

It is NOT recommended to use Callofduty4's chathacks and Monchoman's chathacks at the same time. Please note that Callofduty4's chat hacks have the exact same functions as Monchoman's. Just more added on to it.
To initialize this script, put

importScriptPage('User:Callofduty4/ChatHacks.js', 'c');

this page for use on this wiki, and this page for use on all wikis

Chat Tags

ChatTags is a script written to substitute normal CSS in chat. You can customize your messages using this script. Here are some examples on how to use it.

  • To color your message- [c YourColorHere]YourMessageHere[/c]
  • To implement your message in a different font- [font YourFontHere]Your message here[/font]
  • To bold your message- [b]YourMessageHere[/b]
  • To italicize your message- [i]YourMessageHere[/i]
  • To strike through your message- [s]YourMessageHere[/s]
  • To underline your message- [u]YourMessageHere[/u]
  • To make your message big- [big]YourMessageHere[/big]
  • To make your message small- [small]YourMessageHere[/small]
  • To implement your message in superscript- [sup]YourMessageHere[/sup]
  • To implement your message in subscript- [sub]YourMessageHere[/sub]
  • To implement your message in a mono-spaced font- [code]YourMessageHere[/code]

Please do not abuse this feature or consequences may apply.