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Welcome to the Animal Jam Wiki, or the AJ Wiki for short. Join our community of 280 users, who have so far created 1,362 pages and made 260,537 edits since October 17th, 2010! If you are new, please visit our policy page. Also before editing, please review our editing guidelines. If you need help, feel free to contact an Administrator. For any requests you have for the admins, visit the Administrators' Noticeboard.


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Monkeys are a members-only land animal. They were one of the six original animals introduced into Animal Jam in the Beta Testing. Monkeys left Animal Jam on April 12th, 2012; the reason was to raise the awareness of the endangered species list. Throughout the extent of time, the monkey spirit stone was still able to be used. Monkeys can now be purchased by all Jammers for 1,000 Gems.

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Roadhawk is one of the Administrators of the Animal Jam Wiki. He joined the wiki on January 9th, 2014 and has made 3,636 edits ever since.

Like most administrators, Roadhawk started out as a chat moderator. He submitted his RFR for chat moderator on February 15th. He then gained Custodian and Rollback rights in March. He continued to implement good work to the wiki, and later promoted to administrator in May. Since then, he has continued to contribute to the wiki. Roadhawk holds the honor of becoming the second Featured User.


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  • Giraffes are back! Pick yours up today!
  • The Forgotten Desert is the newest adventure! Rumor has it that rare spiked collars are a prize....

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  • 1

    Hey, jammers!

    I know I already did a blog post yesturday, but I found something cool :)

    Heh people who already know this are probably going to be like:

    Anywho, this is how to make templates.

    1. Go to a page, any page!

    2. Type in 2 { , then what you want …

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  • 8

    I just need to.

    Just for a few days, two or three. That'll be enough.

    No posting (except for any important matter) or chatting. Maybe some editing. I just need it, I've been feeling terrible lately, and being here is not helping. Maybe I'll post somet…

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  • 4

    A Bit of Bad News :T

    September 30, 2014 by CandyGirl163

    Hey, Jammers!

    I just wanted to tell you guys that I am going to be spending just a little bit less time on the wiki.

    No, it's not like I am only going to be on an hour a week, maximum. It is just Wednesdays and Thursdays.


    Well, you see, on Wednesda…

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  • 4
    Emerald Pup

    Hey there, AJW!

    So, I've this idea for a while now, so I decided to go on ahead and do it!



    I, personally, kind of categorize different types of wikiers into five BASIC groups. Indeed, you can fit into multiple ones, but which on…

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