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Welcome to the Animal Jam Wiki, or the AJ Wiki for short. We are a community about anything relating to Animal Jam, a online game developed by Wildworks; however, we hold no affiliation with the actual game. Join our community of 360 users, who have so far created 2,292 pages and made 405,431 edits since October 17th, 2010! If you are new, please visit our policy page. Before editing, please review our editing guidelines. If you need help, feel free to contact an Administrator. For any requests you have for the admins, visit the Admin Talk Forum.


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  • The Spooky Party is back on Jamaa! There's rumors that maybe pets Bats are hiding somewhere in it...
  • Games can now be accessed by just clicking the Game Icon at the top of the screen!
  • It is Wolf Awareness Week and World Animal Day!

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Night Of The Phantoms
Night of The Phantoms is a festival that takes place during October. It shares the date with its real world equivalent- Halloween.

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Liza is the female Alpha of the Pandas, and the chief leader of the Alphas. She is an adventurous explorer, and normally comes across new lands including Coral Canyons, Mt. Shiveer, and Appondale. Liza is the first Alpha for any Jammer to discover, as she greets all Jammers as they move into Jamaa. She briefly appears in many adventures, as a major character.
Find out more about Liza here.

Peck is the Bunny Alpha. She is new to the Alpha team and the youngest of them. Peck is talented in all forms of art. She has a feisty personality and is hot-headed. Like Graham she has a great sense of humor, which causes her play pranks on everyone else.
Find out more about Peck here.


Sir Gilbert is the Tiger Alpha. He is the oldest of the Alphas and normally plans the battles against the infamous Phantoms. Gilbert seems to have a deep hatred against the Phantoms and he is ferocious when he is attacking them. He has yet to make a appearance in the Adventure series.
Find out more about Sir Gilbert here.


Greely is the Wolf Alpha. He is the most least understood of the Alphas and his presence is unwelcoming. Rather than head-on strength, Greely defeats his enemies with manipulation. Greely appears in the Adventure series as a major character.

Find out more about Greely here.

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