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Welcome to the Animal Jam Wiki, or the AJ Wiki for short. Join our community of 617 users, who have so far created 1,544 pages and made 229,356 edits since October 17th, 2010! If you are new, please visit our policy page. Also before editing, please review our editing guidelines. If you need help, feel free to contact an Admin or Bureaucrat. For any requests you have for the admins or bureaucrats, visit the Administrators' Noticeboard.

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Cosmo is one of the minor characters in Animal Jam, he is a brown Koala Bear always eating and swinging off trees, he is male but not very ambitious for one.

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652GrayStripe is one of the Bureaucrats on Animal Jam Wiki, he has 5,073 edits. He also holds the honour of being the first ever featured user.
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  • Giraffes are back! Pick yours up today!
  • The Forgotten Desert is the newest adventure! Rumor has it that rare spiked collars are a prize....

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    July 25, 2014 by Goldentime13

    what to write... hmmm.

    Hello and welcome to the first page of my blog. =D

    I am so excited to finally have a animal jam wiki account. I don't care if I am 14 I still love aj.

    I am really annoyed at the new eagle adventure though. It's all lovely and hap…

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  • 5

    they believe BACON is cruelty.

    they spread rumors saying if you eat meat, you a heartless sicko.

    they would risk their lives for a bug.

    they say all hunters are ignorant fools who murder for fun.

    they're against fishing.

    they hate me.

    they're bent on worl…

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    Hello! Now, I have some news to go with all the lastest things that have been happening on the Wiki. Anyway, lets get on with it. 

    I have redesigned the homepage as you may have already seen, with a little help from Roadhawk, I have…

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    Cowboy Chimpanzee

    Wolves: Clanners

    Hyenas: Even more clanners.

    Bunnies: Babies/kids

    Arctic Wolves: Preps/braggers about how they're so rare

    Foxes: Preps/braggers about how they're so rare

    Snow Leopards: Ninjas

    Giraffes: Slendermen

    Horses: Zebras

    Tigers: Pet cats

    Seals: Annoying newbie…

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