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There is an Alpha for every animal in Jamaa, excluding underwater creatures and Diamond Shop ones. The original six Alphas are Sir Gilbert, Greely, Graham, Cosmo, Liza, and Peck. Many Jammers would like to get Alphas for the underwater creatures. There are also pictures of many of the other Alphas that you can color in the Art Studio. Some of them you can even print out. In the Mystery Emporium, stone statues can be bought, and bronze versions were sold for a limited time at the AJ Birthday Party.

Known Alphas

Sir Gilbert

Full article: Sir Gilbert

Sir Gilbert
Sir Gilbert
Name Sir Gilbert
Alias "The Tiger Alpha"
Gender Male
Species Tiger
Relevance Jammers and Tigers [1]


Sir Gilbert is a large orange tiger with whisker markings, flecks beneath his green eyes, and a braided beard. His attire is a red cape beside a blue sash, cloth fastened around his right arm, a striped blue and yellow medal of merit, rings, the most prominent with a ruby stone, and a plated armlet with dark purple ores embedded.


Sir Gilbert is a very regal Alpha with a deep sense of honor. He is a very spiritual animal with a caring nature, with a serious, reverential, and soft-spoken nature. He is polite, dignified, and cautious, with a deep voice that can be soothing and yet terrifying.

Ever since he was a cub, other animals have fascinated him. Upon seeing a new animal, he has been known to leap out upon it and pin it down, terrifying the poor animal, only to ask how it's fur feels in the rain. The animals are often too frightened to answer, leaving Sir Gilbert puzzled and disappointed.

As a leader against the Phantoms, Sir Gilbert plans out everything carefully. Unfortunately, this often frustrates other animals. Sometimes all his work comes to nothing when another Alpha decides to "speed things up", leaving his plan in ruins.

Despite his fearsome appearance and warrior reputation, Sir Gilbert wants nothing more than to see Jamaa at peace. Perhaps that is why he fights so hard against the Phantoms- so that he can keep studying the inhabitants of the world he protects.


Full acticle: Greely


Greely has blue fur, with speck distinctions under his eyes. He wears a leather brace on his tail, copper bracelets with small red gems, and a bronze chain around his neck. Some Jammers believe that the carving of the wolf next to best dressed in Coral Canyons is Greely.

  • Greely in The HiveGo to The Hive
  • Greely on the balcony in The Great EscapeGo to The Great Escape
  • Greely using magic
  • Greely on the loading page
Name Greely
Alias "The Wolf Alpha"
Gender Male
Species Wolf
Relevance Mira [2] and Wolves [3]


Greely is the strangest of the Alphas, an enigma by nature. He is grim and humorless, and keeps to the shadows. He reserves his respect for Mira alone, and she alone trusts him. The other Alphas do not trust him, but they respect him for his knowledge.

Greely turns the Phantom's devious methods against them when he fights. This lead to his long-standing rivalry with Sir Gilbert, who prefers to meet the Phantoms face-to-face. Greely knows more about the phantoms than any other animal, and it is rumored that they fear him above all else.


Greely has studied the Phantoms for a long time. He has been seen in major Phantom bases, such as their dark Hive , tower prison , and corrupted volcano . He is currently MIA after stopping a volcanic explosion set to destroy Jamaa.


Full article: Graham .

Graham is a craftsperson and a mischief maker monkey alpha. He has out of proportion graying hair, with fringed hair and a beard as well. The rest of his hair is blue, his skin is a fleshy pink color. The pattern on his limbs and tail are stripes (Spots are on his legs). Relating to his tail, it is a prehensile tail that would classify him as a "New World monkey". Graham carries a toolbelt around his waist, a steel goggle resting on his head, and has a green ore on his chest (He is seen posing with a gear). Graham was seen in 2011 during the National Geographic Spelling Bee, where you may ask him questions (Location: Lost Temple of Zios). This spouted the rumors of sleeping next to the ruins, which was in order to summon Graham the previous year.

  • Graham as he appears in adventures.

Name: Graham

Alias:  The Monkey Alpha

Gender Male
Species Monkey 
Relevance Jammers and Monkeys [4]


"Graham is the monkey Alpha who can always be found building, fixing, and inventing things, as well as using tools in the world. He can craft tools that other animals can use without needing hands or thumbs. He's a born tinkerer and never leaves any tool alone without trying to improve it or develop it further. Graham's personality is friendly, but he is always a little bit hyper and distracted. He mumbles to himself constantly, and often throws humorous non-sequiturs into his speech. Graham has a bizarre sense of humor and likes to play innocent pranks on new animals in Animal Jam."


"The first thing Graham noticed about the other Alphas was that they seemed to do everything the hard way. For example, take that time Liza tracked the Spirit Stone of the giraffes to a Phantom cavern sealed by an enormous boulder. By the time Graham got there, Liza had a dozen animals straining to move the stone out of the way, and after hours of effort they’d barely made it budge. Graham shook his head and clucked his tongue. All of that sweat, and nothing to show for it."

Why, it was the simplest thing in the world to build a waterwheel on a nearby stream and set up a system of gears, pulleys, and counterweights that could raise and lower the giant rock with the effortless pull of a lever. Sure, it took a few days to build, and Liza kept asking why they couldn't just get a few more strong animals to pitch in and move the stone in a matter of minutes. Graham tried to explain that she was missing the point — now they could move the boulder up and down any time they wanted, without breaking a sweat! Liza and the other animals weren't impressed with Graham’s contraption, and they seemed to forget all about it as soon as the giraffes were freed to return to Jamaa.  Graham still visits the cavern from time to time, though. The boulder-moving machine is great for breaking open stubborn coconuts." - Daily Explorer


Full article: Cosmo


Cosmo has reddish brown fur, striped ears, and dots above his eyes. He wears a grass skirt and a pointed green hat with a prominant patch and a cloth flower on the tip. In his left hand he holds a staff tipped by a lit pipe, on the end of which perches a red bird.

  • Cosmo as he appears in Adventures.Go to Meet Cosmo
  • Cosmo in The Hive.Go to The Hive
  • Cosmo in The Great EscapeGo to The Great Escape
Name Cosmo
Alias "The Koala Alpha"
Gender Male
Species Koala

Jammers and Koalas [5]


Cosmo is a very cheerful, and believes that even a small animal can have a big personality. He acknowledges the spiritual world but prefers to work in the physical, with the things that he can see, taste, and touch. He understands plants, which talk all the time if we can hear. Once the plants learn that Cosmo can talk to them, they help him create new plants to help fight the Phantoms, such as the Boomseeds or Chomper Plants.

Cosmo and Peck are the youngest Alphas, and sometimes the others don't get their jokes. But Cosmo will never joke about the power of nature and the reverence he feels for it.


Cosmo has created numerous plants over the years to help defend Jamaa from the Phantoms, most notably the Chomper Plants and the Boomseeds. He has aided in the scouting of the Phantom Hive and Tower Prison. Most recently he has been seen near the Phantom Volcano.


Full acticle: Liza


Liza has an affectionate personality, she is the nomadic panda Alpha. Her fur color is black and a light blue, her hair has trimmed bangs, and braided on her left side. Her face paint is red stripes that streak down from her black eyes, and seaweed - like earrings. Her jade dress is Chinese themed (A dark yellow fringe with swirling patterns), on her waist is a tan belt adorned with green stones. She wears a black fingerless glove, holding a wooden walking stick with a gem accessory on her right side. Liza is first and always seen when a New Jammer first creates his/her account. For this reason, she is one of the most widely known Alpha. Lisa can be found in many adventures, and in the new "Welcome to Jamaa" section in Animal Jam.

  • Liza as she appears in Adventures.
  • Liza in the beginning of the game.
  • Liza appearing in an adventure.Go to Training Grounds
  • Liza in The Phantom PortalGo to The Phantom Portal
  • A statue of Liza in the Adventure Base Camp.
Name Liza
Alias "The Panda Alpha"
Gender Female
Species Panda
Relevance Jammers and Pandas [6]

"Brave and powerful Liza is the panda Alpha. She values exploration and intellectual pursuits, and has personally mapped a great majority of Jamaa. She is proud and determined in her manner, and she lets nothing stand in the way of her latest expedition to a far off land. Liza doesn't stand still for long, and never has much time to talk before having to dash off. She created most of the exploration-based challenges in Animal Jam and she presses all animals in the world to document Jamaa. She has a kind, motherly manner about her; very encouraging and very gentle. She believes that anyone can do better, and reach higher."

"Liza is pretty well known to the animals of Jamaa, since she personally welcomes everyone that arrives here and helps them get started on their adventures. 

Liza has always been a traveler and explorer too, and she vividly remembers the day her travels first took her to Jamaa.

She found a land besieged not only by Phantoms, but by internal conflicts as well. Rabbits and monkeys were always bickering, while koalas and tigers wouldn’t speak to each other at all; and it seemed as though the wolves didn't get along with anybody. Even among the Alphas there was tension and suspicion. Liza has a talent for helping animals understand each other better, though, and she was the peacemaker who brought the Alphas together as friends. Their example soon spread to the other animals, and for a long time now Jamaa has enjoyed peace both inside and outside its borders. After the last major battle with the Phantoms, the rest of the Alphas set out to track these mysterious invaders back to their point of origin and learn more about them. Liza stayed behind, however, both to safeguard our home against further attacks, and to help the thousands of animals arriving here every day find their way around Jamaa Township." -The Daily Explorer 


Full article: Peck

Peck is the opposite of subtle, she is the spirited and risky bunny Alpha. Her fur and striped patterns range from shades of purple to pink. Peck has a bell earring on one ear, her ears have sewn patches. Red eyes with a pink shadow and white flecks in a higher position, also to mention her straight dark purple hair parted to one side. She has black strings wrapped around her feet and tail, and features lined black and purple armlets. When you are finished with a painting in the Art Studio Coral Canyons, you see Peck in the message "Are you finished painting?" or "Are you finished coloring?". In the Bunnies Only Party, if enough bunnies hop on the lower dance floor, she is seen as a shadow.

Rabbit 3
Name Peck
Alias "The Bunny Alpha"
Gender Female
Species Bunny [In general]
Relevance Jammers and Bunnies [7]

"Cute but definitely not cuddly, Peck is the rabbit Alpha. She is the loud and feisty one of the group, and she is a nonconformist and very independent. She lets her punk rock creative spirits guide her, and likes her music loud and her clothing even louder! Peck is friendly to everyone and sees herself as just one of the gang. She doesn't flaunt her Alpha status, and as a matter of fact can be a little embarrassed at being treated with reverence. Peck loves to create, and is a gifted interior designer, painter, and musician. She does her best to leave her distinctive mark of color-meets-attitude wherever she goes throughout Jamaa."

"Most animals in Jamaa today don’t remember the first Phantom invasion, when the Alphas first appeared to turn the tide of battle and save our home. Peck doesn’t remember it either. She is the newest Alpha, and the only one selected by Mira since that long-ago victory over the Phantom hordes. Sir Gilbert has often wondered to himself whether Mira made the right choice.

There’s no question Peck is full of talent. She is an artist that revels in any medium, and she has done much to beautify Jamaa and inspire other animals to join her in huge, outlandish art projects. Her Alpha abilities seem to have magnified her already passionate and energetic personality a hundredfold, however, and some animals find her perpetual excitement and restlessness exhausting. Peck’s hot temper is legendary. When Phantoms appear or her friends are threatened, her artistic exuberance flips instantly to full-throttle attack mode. She believes in striking first and planning later (much later, and hopefully while she’s off doing something more fun). Have you ever had a friend who seemed to be made out pure energy, who could never sit still and who was always trying to involve you in some new crazy scheme of theirs? That’s Peck: she moves in a blur, gets bored easily, and never seems to run out of ideas. She takes her role as a mentor to other rabbits very seriously, though, and she is determined to get Jamaa’s rabbits into shape and ready for whatever the Phantoms might throw at them." - Daily Explorer

Other Alphas

These Alphas are not known much about, yet they are seen as statues in the Mystery Emporium.

  • Seal Alp - Harper

Female with facial track markings.

  • Elephant shaman - Otto

Male with dotted markings around both tusks and forehead.

  • Rhino shaman - Ruby

Female with vines fastened around one of the two tusks [Crossing], dotted markings beneath eyes.

  • Crocodile shaman - Cornelius

Male with stripe markings on snout and the rear of the head.

  • Horse shaman - Sophia

Female with a spiked mane, flower connected by vines on her body, with a lined pattern beneath eye.

  • Penguin shaman - Marco

Male that is either a rockhopper or macaroni species, downward arrow markings around neck.

  • Giraffe shaman - Edmund

Male with spots, especially beneath the eyes.

  • Fox shaman - Amelia

Female with whisker markings, and an earring on one ear.

  • Raccoon Shaman - LaSalle

Very old male and seems wise with his wisdom, and has very interesting features.

  • Deer Shaman - Sigurd

Male with long thin antlers, long ears and a lean body.

For Poseidon and Venus see or read the page Kani Cove and the Trivia section for further understanding.



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