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The alphas on the cover of Animal Jam's Greatest Hits!

The Alphas are a team of heroic animals that fight against the Phantoms, the main villains in Jamaa. As stated through an animated video, the Alphas come from a foreign land and came to Jamaa to help them with the Phantom war. They succeeded in ending that war, destroying a giant unnamed Phantom and driving out the surviving Phantoms. The Alphas seemed to have made themselves at home in Jamaa and protect it from any threats, including the return of the Phantoms. Because of this, the Phantoms see the Alphas as their arch-enemies and biggest threat, which is why their plan is to capture them to prevent them from aiding Jammers. The Alphas have also founded most townships across the lands of Jamaa and often seen as the representing them on cards or websites. Most of the common Alphas assist Players on Adventures.

Main Alphas

Name Animal Land
Liza Panda Jamaa Township
Cosmo Koala Kimbara Outback
Graham Monkey Lost Temple of Zios
Sir Gilbert Tiger Coral Canyons
Peck Bunny Appondale
Greely Wolf Sarepia Forest
Tavie Dolphin Unknown

Minor Alphas

NOTE: These animals may or may not be Alphas.

Name Animal Founded Land
Harper Seal None
Otto Elephant None
Ruby Rhinoceros None
Cornelius Crocodile None
Sophia Horse None
Marco Penguin None
Edmund Giraffe None
Amelia Fox None
LaSalle Raccoon None
Sigurd Deer None
Atlas Lion None
Juno Arctic Wolf None
Jade Snow Leopard None
Boomer Kangaroo None
Olive Cheetah None
Valentina Eagle None
Biff Hyena None
Hudson Otter None
Felicity Lynx None
Calypso Sea Turtle None
Victor Octopus None
Drake Shark None
Barrett Polar Bear None
Andy Llama None
Avalon Owl None


  • They are believed to come from our Earth, according to Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide.
  • They were originally called Shamans. This stopped around the time more information about Alphas appeared.
  • Their statues are sold at The Chamber of Knowledge and bronze versions are sold at AJ Birthday Party.
  • Tavie is the only known alpha to have a pet.

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