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The Adventures are a series of challenges that were first introduced on June 18, 2013. All Adventures (with the exception of The Forgotten Desert) can be played by all Jammers. They tell the story of the Phantom’s reappearance as antagonists in the world of Jamaa and the Alphas' efforts to defeat them. Jammers can win Gems and a variety of items by completing each adventure.

List of Adventures

Currently, there are nineteen common adventures and ten seasonal adventures. The common adventures are available year-round and can be accessed through the portals in the Adventure Base Camp, Forgotten Archive, and Ocean Adventure Base Camp, at the very top of the parties list, or by simply opening the Adventures list in the World Map. The seasonal adventures only appear during certain months each year and they are typically found at the top of the parties list.

Common Adventures

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Adventures Release Date (MST) Members-Only? Type
Training-Grounds Button June 18, 2013 No Land
Adventures Return-of-the-Phantoms June 18, 2013 (Normal)

July 25, 2013 (Hard)

No Land
The-Phantom-Portal Adventure-Button July 11, 2013 (Normal)

August 8, 2013 (Hard)

No Land
MeetCosmo AdventureButton August 22, 2013 (Normal)

September 12, 2013 (Hard)

No Land
TheHive AdventureButton September 25, 2013 (Normal)

October 10, 2013 (Hard)

No Land
TheGreatEscape AdventureButton October 24, 2013 (Normal)

November 7, 2013 (Hard)

No Land
Greely's Inferno Adventure Button December 19, 2013 (Normal)

January 9, 2014 (Hard)

No Land
The Search For Greely Adventure Button March 20, 2014 (Normal)

April 17, 2014 (Hard)

No Land
The Forgotten Desert Button May 15, 2014 Yes Flying
Adventure Bubble-Trouble June 12, 2014 No Ocean
Adventure In-Too-Deep July 23, 2014 No Ocean
Adventure Turning-The-Tide August 7th, 2014 No Ocean
Proving Grounds
August 4, 2016 (Added)

September 29, 2016 (Removed)

Yes 2-D
Wolves, Arctic Wolves, and Tigers only
Thehiddenfalls August 4, 2016 No 2-D
Wolves, Arctic Wolves, and Tigers only
Adventure The-Front-Lines September 15, 2016 No 2-D
Wolves, Arctic Wolves, and Tigers only
Adventures Badlands November 17, 2016 No 2-D
Wolves, Arctic Wolves, Tigers, and Arctic Foxes only
Adventure The-Phantom-Fortress January 5, 2017 (Normal)

April 12, 2018 (Hard)

No Land
Adventure Storming-The-Fortress April 12, 2017 (Normal)

April 26, 2018 (Hard)

No Land
The Trials of Zios banner October 26, 2017 (Normal)

May 10, 2018 (Hard)

No Land
Button The Mystery Below December 1, 2017 (Normal)

May 24, 2018 (Hard)

No Land
The River's Heart February 1, 2018 (Normal)

June 7, 2018 (Hard)

No Land

Seasonal Adventures

The following Adventures are only available for a certain time period during the year, usually one at a time. They can be played by all Jammers, but still include some members-only rewards.

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Adventures Release Date (MST) When?
My-Parties Bitter-Sweets-Banner October 2, 2014 October - Night of the Phantoms
Twists and Turns Banner November 6, 2014 November - Feast of Thanks
Adventure Jamaaliday-Rescue December 12, 2014 December & January - Jamaalidays
Special Delivery Banner January 29, 2015 February - Friendship Festival
My-Parties Lucky-Clovers March 4, 2015 March - Lucky Day
Spring Festival April 2, 2015 April - Spring Festival
Battle for the Beacon Icon June 10, 2015 Usually to fill in the months without major celebrations
Graham's Workshop August 20, 2015 Usually to fill in the months without major celebrations
Adventure New-Years-Fortune January 19, 2017 January & February - Chinese New Year
Tikitrouble July 20, 2017 July - Summer in the Northern Hemisphere

General Gameplay Instructions

  • An Alpha (usually Liza, Cosmo or Greely) will appear at the start of each adventure to explain what needs to be done. They may also appear in the middle of the adventure to provide further instructions.
  • Many of the adventures feature NPCs (Non-Player Characters) that provide details on the current adventure or hints about future adventures. These NPCs appear like regular Jammer animals except that they have shorter names and an "AJ" badge on their name-tag.
  • Many of the adventures feature Phantoms. They have a purple, smokey circle around them that shows Jammers how far the phantom can see. If the player goes inside the phantom's circle, the player is in its sight and it will start chasing the player until the player escapes.
    • The player can trap phantoms by luring them into special plants called Chomper Plants in the land adventures or Chomper Clams in the ocean adventures. In most adventures, each one of these can only be used once.
    • The player can hide from phantoms by standing in tall grass in the land adventures or kelp in the ocean adventures.
    • The player can destroy phantoms using Boomseeds in the land adventures or Whirlpearls in the ocean adventures.
    • The player can escape from phantoms by running or swimming far enough away from them.
    • If a Phantom touches the player, they will lose Hearts. When all of the player's Hearts are gone, they will fall asleep and wake up at the nearest revive point with all of their Hearts restored.
Revive Point

A revive/check point in land adventures.

  • Some of the land adventures include plants that must be watered by carrying a water pail from a well to the plant.
  • Many of the adventures include locks on doors and cages. These can be unlocked by finding Phantom Keys that are hidden around the map or dropped by defeated phantoms.
  • Many of the adventures include destructible obstacles that block certain paths. Some of these, such as Phantom Webs and Phantom Pods, can be destroyed simply by clicking on them several times. Most of the obstacles can also be removed by using Boomseeds in the land adventures or Whirlpearls in the ocean adventures.
  • At the end of the adventure, an alpha will appear (often the same one that appeared at the start of the adventure) to congratulate the player and display five treasure chests. The player can choose only one of the chests to open, and this does not apply to The Forgotten Desert and the Seasonal Adventures.


Adventure Fierce

A "fierce" attack with triple damage

Certain clothing accessories will act like weapons when worn and result in more damage being inflicted upon destructible obstacles when clicked, whereas clicking without any of these weapon accessories results in the default damage of only 10. If an obstacle is not destroyed in one hit, a number appears above the obstacle to indicate the damage done to it. There is also a small chance that an attack's damage will be tripled; this is indicated by the word "fierce" next to the damage shown.


In most of the common adventures (excluding Training Grounds), a player can join with up to three other Jammers to complete the adventure as a team. The seasonal adventures (excluding Tiki Trouble and the 2014 version Bitter Sweets) can be played with up to fifteen Jammers and, unlike the common adventures, the seasonal ones do not have to be finished as a team.

Difficulty Mode

For most adventures, there is a Normal Mode and Hard Mode. Normal Mode has easier maps that are typically shorter while Hard Mode maps are often larger and more complicated. Hard Mode also includes more phantoms that move faster as well, but there are usually better treasure rewards to compensate for the added difficulty. In addition, holdables held by players when they are put to sleep are kept with the player in Normal Mode but dropped in Hard Mode.The 2D adventures, the Mystery Below, and River's Heart have no modes, but behave as if they are Normal Mode.


To level up, players must get plenty of Courage Points depending on each level. The player will need more courage points when they're on a higher level and less when they're on a lower level. Every 8th level (8, 16, 24) the player's animal gains another heart for its health bar. Levels 0 to 7 have only three hearts, levels 8 - 15 have four hearts, levels 16 - 23 have five hearts, and level 24 or higher will have six hearts. Every 5th level (5, 10, 15) the animal's level indicator on their name-tag will change shape. Levels 0 to 4 have a circle shape, levels 5 to 9 have a five-pointed star shape, levels 10 to 14 have a diamond shape, and level 15 or higher will have a square shape.



An example of a Level 25 deer with 6 hearts.

An animal's health is represented by a bar of red hearts near the animal's picture and this will decrease from contact with Phantoms. These hearts indicate how much energy an animal has remaining and when they run out, the animal will fall into a "deep sleep." The animal's health will return fully when they wake up again at a nearby revive point.

Courage Points

Courage Points (commonly abbreviated as CP) are the numbers used to level up. They can be gained by completing different actions in an adventure.

Action Courage Points
Trapping/Destroying Phantom 5
Watering Plants 5
Plugging Phantom Pipes 5
Breaking Phantom Obstacle (Pod, Web, etc) 5
Destroying Phantom Sprouter 5
Lighting Fire Drum 5
Opening Chest 5
Unlocking Cage 10
Unlocking Phantom Door 15-25
Opening Animal Passage 25
Finishing Adventure 50
Defeating Phantom King 200
The Forgotten Desert
Action Courage Points
Collecting Green Gem Shard 3
Collecting Yellow Gem Shard 5
Collecting White Gem Shard 7
Collecting Blue Gem Shard 10
Collecting Purple Gem Shard 30
Opening Chest 25

Animal Passages

A arctic wolf passage

Example of the animal passage.

In most Adventures, there will be one or more special passages that may only be opened by a specific animal. These animal gates have treasure chests inside that contain a clothing item. The gates include:


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Adventures Required Animal
(Normal Mode)
Required Animal
(Hard Mode)
Adventures Return-of-the-Phantoms Arctic-Wolf Icon Arctic Wolf Arctic-Wolf Icon Arctic Wolf
The-Phantom-Portal Adventure-Button Fox Profile Fox Lion Head Icon Lion
Fox Profile Fox
MeetCosmo AdventureButton Tiger logo0049 Tiger Icon Koala Koala
Raccoon Profile-0 Raccoon
Tiger logo0049 Tiger
Elephant icon Elephant
TheHive AdventureButton Elephant icon Elephant Horse Avatar Icon Horse
Elephant icon Elephant
TheGreatEscape AdventureButton Monkeyface Monkey Kangarooface Kangaroo
Monkeyface Monkey
Greely's Inferno Adventure Button Wolf logo0049 Wolf Arctic-Wolf Icon Arctic Wolf
Wolf logo0049 Wolf
The Search For Greely Adventure Button Phantomtransparent3 Phantom
(via disguise)
Phantomtransparent3 Phantom
(via disguise)
Wolf logo0049 Wolf
Panda-Icon-1 Panda
Thehiddenfalls Arctic-Wolf Icon Arctic Wolf
Adventure The-Front-Lines Tiger logo0049 Tiger
Adventures Badlands Arctic-Fox-Avatar Arctic Fox
Adventure The-Phantom-Fortress
(All Jammers)
Raccoon Profile-0 Raccoon N/A
Arctic-Wolf Icon Arctic Wolf
Elephant icon Elephant
Horse Avatar Icon Horse
Sheep Icon Sheep
The Phantom Fortress


Bunny N/A
Arctic-Wolf Icon Arctic Wolf
Tiger logo0049 Tiger
Wolf logo0049 Wolf
Sheep Icon Sheep
Adventure Storming-The-Fortress Phantomtransparent3 Phantom
(via disguise)
The Trials of Zios banner Lion Head Icon Lion N/A
Button The Mystery Below Snowleopardface Snow Leopard N/A
Arctic-Wolf Icon Arctic Wolf


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Adventures Required Animal
(Normal Mode)
Required Animal
(Hard Mode)
Adventure Bubble-Trouble DOLPHINLOGO Dolphin DOLPHINLOGO Dolphin
Turtle-0 Sea Turtle
Adventure In-Too-Deep SHARKLOGO Shark OCTOPUSLOGO Octopus
Turtle-0 Sea Turtle
Adventure Turning-The-Tide DOLPHINLOGO Dolphin Otterface Otter


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Adventures Required
My-Parties Bitter-Sweets-Banner
Pet Puppy Infobox Pet Puppy
Pet bat2 Pet Bat
Pet cheetah1 Pet Cheetah
Pet joey1 Pet Joey
Sugar Glider Pet Sugar Glider
Pet tiger1 Pet Tiger
Pet Kitty Infobox Pet Kitty
Pet tarantula1 Pet Tarantula
My-Parties Bitter-Sweets-Banner
(2015, 2016 and 2017)
Pet Puppy Infobox Pet Puppy
PetPeacock Pet Peacock
Pet Kitty Infobox Pet Kitty
Pet bat2 Pet Bat
Pet elephant being bought Pet Elephant
PetPony Pet Pony
Pet Honeybee Infobox Pet Honeybee
Pet tarantula1 Pet Tarantula
Twists and Turns Banner
Polarface Polar Bear
Tikitrouble Arctic-Wolf Icon Arctic Wolf


  • Members have the option to host an adventure, where a speech bubble appears over their head with the adventure name and a "Join me" button. The host has the option to start the adventure any time and can bring up to three other players with them.
  • Some clothing items that appear like weapons or include weapons (such as the Bow and Arrows, Slingshot, Nunchucks, Crossbow, and Spartan Armor) do not provide extra damage to destructible obstacles.
  • The featured Alphas in the current adventures are: Liza, Cosmo, Greely, Tavie, Sir Gilbert, Peck, and Graham.
  • The only animals that have two passageways are: Elephant (Meet Cosmo and The Hive), Dolphin and Sea Turtle (Bubble Trouble and In Too Deep), and Lion (The Phantom Portal and The Trials of Zios)
  • The only animals that have three passageways are: Wolf (Greely's Inferno, The Search For Greely, and The Phantom Fortress), and Tiger (Meet Cosmo, The Front Lines, and The Phantom Fortress)
  • The animal with the most secret passageways is the Arctic Wolf, with six: (Return of the Phantoms, Greely's Inferno, The Hidden Falls, The Phantom Fortress, Tiki Trouble, and The Mystery Below)
  • There are no Seal, Coyote, Deer, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Crocodile, Hyena, or Cheetah passages in the current adventures.
  • An adventure named "TBA" appeared on September 18, 2014 for an hour only and seemed to be the unfinished version of Bitter Sweets that was likely released by mistake. Players could receive free random furniture items if they clicked the "Enable Cheat" info button in this adventure.
  • In a 2015 update, all existing level 0 animals were raised to level 1 and new animals that are created become level 1 automatically. New Jammers still start with level 0 animals until they play the Training Grounds once.
  • In a May 2017 update, all adventures that required Level 2 or higher were changed to being accessible at normal mode on Level 1. It also changed all hard mode adventures to be accessible at Level 2.
  • After a June 2017 update, some land adventures (for example: Return of the Phantoms, The Phantom Portal, Meet Cosmo, Greely's Inferno, The Phantom Fortress, and Storming the Fortress) were given a custom path-map for flying animals that blocked them in at the very start of the adventure, making it impossible to actually play the adventure using a flying animal.
  • After a June 2017 update, some land adventures (for example: The Search for Greely) had their animal passages changed such that entering one without opening it first will cause the player to be instantly kicked out of the Adventure.
  • At around January 2018, land adventures (not including jumping events) were open to all players.


  • There have been a number of glitches that could allow the player to be an underwater or flying animal in a land adventure, but most of these have been patched.
  • There was a glitch where Jammers could quickly click the "Switch Animals" button when hosting an adventure, but this no longer works because now the button is grayed-out instantly when hosting an adventure.
    • There was a glitch where Jammers could buy an animal from the Diamond Shop to switch to it while hosting an adventure, but this no longer works because the hosted adventure is cancelled instantly when an animal is purchased.
    • There was a glitch where Jammers could quickly click the "Switch Animals" button after clicking "Play!" but before the adventure started. This no longer works because now the switch animals menu cannot be opened when inside an adventure.
    • There was a glitch where Jammers could host a land adventure as an amphibious animal when underwater and then go to their land den to automatically switch into their primary animal. This type of glitch could cause a flying animal to appear in a land adventure or a land animal to appear in a flying adventure. This was fixed in a January 2016 update.
    • There is a glitch where if a Jammer were to host an adventure, if it clicked parties, then clicked Graham's Workshop, they would be able to change their animal.
  • There was a glitch where the regular interface would appear instead of the adventure one. The game would also think the player is not in an adventure, causing it to not function like one. The only way to get out of it is to refresh the page, as attempting to leave the adventure by clicking on the den or world icon was cause an infinite loading screen.
  • In the October 2015 update, there was a glitch that caused all but one of a Jammer's animals to appear as level 1 even if they were higher level before. This was later fixed.
  • There is a glitch that occurs sometime when the player exits the adventure: the adventure bar will still be visible with the "You did it! Adventure COMPLETE!" message at the top of the screen.
  • A January 2016 update caused a glitch where if a player types in any of the regular bubble chat phrases (the ones that are normally seen when not in an adventure) while in an adventure, they will be converted to a corresponding adventure bubble chat phrase. For example, typing "LOL" while in an adventure will be converted to "Help!"
  • There is a glitch where if a player hosts an adventure, then goes to the den shop and previews a den, and then starts the adventure while inside the previewed den, the player's user interface will vanish. It will remain this way even if the adventure is exited and it can be fixed by either previewing a den again or reloading the game.
  • There is a glitch where a flying animal is hosting The Forgotten Desert and after a while the player list interface will disappear. After this, the player will be left with the hosting adventure chat bubble, but this cannot be interacted with and will most likely only appear on the host's screen. The only way to get rid of this bubble is by reloading the game.
  • There is a glitch where the picture for a treasure chest's reward may not appear when it is won.
  • There is a glitch where the player can end up trapped in an Adventure if they start it from another Jammer's den and that Jammer then locks their den. When the player tries to go through the portal at the end of the Adventure or click the button to leave, it will say the den is locked and the player will remain in the adventure.
  • There is a glitch in nearly all adventures where the player's animal might respawn still in the "sleeping" animation after losing all their hearts.
  • There was a glitch in March 2017 where none of the Chomper Plants, Mecha Chompers, or Chomper Clams in the adventures would capture a Phantom, making some adventures impossible to complete. This glitch has since been fixed.
  • There is a glitch that when a phantom passes by two or more chomper plants, they all capture it and they disappear.


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