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The Adventures were a very large update that brought the Phantoms back as antagonists in a series of games. The player can play to earn Gems, level up, get amazing prizes (including many coveted items) or simply have fun.

To participate, the player can go to the Adventure Base Camp entrance located in Temple of Zios, access it at the very top of the party list or by using the world map at the bottom right corner.

There are currently twelve adventures, including the Training Grounds. All adventures allow multiplayer action, except the Training Grounds. You can also find the Adventures on the Jamma world map on the ADVENTURES tab. There are both non-member allowed adventures and member only adventures.

List of Adventures

Adventures Full-12

Currently, there are twelve perennial adventures and seven seasonal adventures.

Perennial Adventures

Land Adventures

Ocean Adventures

Seasonal Adventures

Basic Gameplay Instructions

  • An Alpha, usually Liza, Cosmo or Greely (who is in the members only adventures) will prepare the player at the start of each adventure.
  • Phantoms will have a purple, smokey circle or ring around them. This shows Jammers how far the phantoms can see. If the player goes inside the Phantom's circle, the player is in its sight and will start chasing the player until the player escapes. 
  • To trap Phantoms, the player can lure them into special plants called Chomper Plants which were made by Cosmo the Koala Alpha by mixing a potion consisting of many vegetables and fruits. If the Phantom gets too close, the Chomper plant closes, the Phantom is trapped and the player earns 25 Gems.
  • If the player is standing in tall grass, Phantoms can't see the player, so the player can hide and go around them without being caught.
  • There will be stampedes and groups of Phantoms everywhere, trying to chase the player, so the player will need to do a lot of running and eventually lure all of them to a single plant. Remember, one plant can only trap one phantom.
  • In the second adventure and more, the player will need to water and replenish the diseased chomper plants before defeating the Phantoms.

Revive Point

Revive point in all adventures.

Some Phantoms, typically in the lower level and easier modes, will stop chasing the player if the player has run away far enough. However, this is not always the case, depending on the place.

As stated before, the player's best chance of escaping from them is to lure them to a chomper plant or flee to tall grass.

If a Phantom touches the player's animal, it inflicts damage and takes away 1 heart. Losing all of the hearts will cause the player's animal to fall asleep. If this happens, don't worry. The player doesn't lose any experience, Gems, or progress.Eventually, the player can wake up and try again. The player's animal will wake up at the last visited Revive Point.

As the player gains experience, the player will get more hearts. 

Additional Information

In Adventures, the player can team up with other Jammers and defeat Phantoms. As more adventures are released, Jammers will join the Alphas as they protect Jamaa from the wicked Phantoms. There's NPCs (Non-Player Characters), or AJHQ animals, which can say some useful info and give the player items to help on their adventure. Secret entrances can even be discovered by specific animals for special secrets, prizes, and surprises. There are many glitches in adventures.

Base Camp

When the player goes to the Adventure Base Camp, the player will notice some portals. One is for the Training Grounds to prepare the player, the other ones at the top are for the Adventures, but as of January 23, the Base Camp is an island with one Portal with all the adventures. Now the base camp is back to normal with all of the portals and such back although there is a new area only accessible by Eagles. As of June 2014, a new base camp was added - the Ocean Base Camp. 

Inside Adventures

Inside every adventure, there is a different set up, and each new adventure is longer and more difficult. On each adventure there is a Normal Mode and Hard Mode, except for the Eagle only adventure. Normal Mode is released first and Hard Mode is usually released with the following update. Upon completing both modes, the player gets rewarded with the chance to pick a gift which could be Gems or an item usually related to the adventure.

Training Grounds

The player will start in the Training Grounds, just to prepare for the actual Adventure.
Wutuwanttodonext - Cópia
Liza will teach the player techniques and strategies to defeat Phantoms. The player has to get close to a phantom, trap four in the chomper plants, and sneak past them in the tall grass. After the player finishes the Training Grounds, the player earn a little prize from Liza for doing so well.

Adventure Releases

The order of the adventure releases are as follows: The Training Grounds, The Return of the Phantoms (Easy), The Phantom Portal (Easy), The Return of the Phantoms (Hard), The Phantom Portal (Hard), Meet Cosmo (Easy), Meet Cosmo (Hard), The Hive (Easy), The Hive (Hard), The Great Escape (Easy), The Great Escape (Hard), Greely's Inferno (Easy), Greely's Inferno (Hard), The Forgotten Desert, Bubble Trouble (Easy), Bubble Trouble (Hard), In Too Deep (Easy), In Too Deep (Hard), Turning The Tide (Easy), Turning The Tide (Hard). The Adventure Shop came out after Meet Cosmo (Easy) and before Meet Cosmo (Hard).


To level up, players must get plenty of Courage Points depending on each level. The player will need more Courage Points when they're on a higher level and less when they're on a lower level. Leveling up will give the player a better chance at gaining better prizes and getting more Health Hearts. Every 8th level the player passes grants the player another heart. For example, at level 8 the player will have 4 Health Hearts, at level 16 the player will have 5 Health Hearts, and so on, so forth.

Courage Points

Courage Points (commonly called and nicknamed CP) are the numbers used to level up. They can be gained by defeating Phantoms, restoring plants, obtaining Gems, opening treasure chests and opening locked areas.


Health is represented with hearts, which shows how many lives the player has left. When the player's health hearts runs out, the player will fall into a deep sleep. They are normally destroyed by Phantoms but will return fully when the player wakes up again.

Level Health Shape
1 3 Circle
2 3 Circle
3 3 Circle
4 3 Circle
5 3 Star
6 3 Star
7 3 Star
8 4


9 4 Star
10 4 Diamond
11 4 Diamond
12 4 Diamond
13 4 Diamond
14 4 Diamond
15 4 Square
16 5 Square
17 5 Square
18 5 Square

Levels above 18 also have a square shape, the amount of health hearts changes to 6 on level 24.

Animal Gates

In most Adventures, there will be one or more special passages that may only be opened by a specific animal.These animal gates have treasure chests inside that contain a clothing item  or occasionally a rare. The gates include:


  • MORE damege

    Weapons, like swords, do more damage at Phantom Webs.

    In adventures, if the player is using a weapon, like a sword or glove, the player does more damage to the Phantom Webs or pods, breaking it faster. When clicking it, it will appear in front of the web/pod. Items like bows and arrows, slingshots, nunchucks, and crossbows do not work. The spartan armor, though it has a sword attached to it, does not work either.  
  • The player can get betas and rares in the hard mode of many adventures.
  •  Slingshots can be obtained in the Hard mode of The Phantom Portal adventure. 
  •  In the Meet Cosmo adventure, after the player gets the timber and rope, the Koalas will ask the player to find a rose and moth for Gems. Franklin the Koala will give the player Gems and Courage Points if the player plugs all the phantom pipes.
  • The Meet Cosmo Adventure is the first adventure to feature the Phantom Sprouter; pipes that appear planted in the ground that spit out Phantoms.
  • Phantom Sprouters spawn Phantoms that spot the player without walking into their vision bubble.
  •  In the 3rd Anniversary of Animal Jam, The Phantom Portal become an adventure for both members and non-members.
  •  Modes have currently been added to the Adventures such as Hard and Easy. For Hard-modes specific to some adventures, the player can win coveted clothing items instead of unique den items (e.g. worn blankets, pirate swords, etc).
  •  The featured Alphas in the current adventures are: LizaCosmoGreely, Tavie, and Graham.
  • The only animals that have 2 passageways are: Elephant (Meet Cosmo and The Hive), Arctic Wolf (Return of the Phantoms and Greely's Inferno.), and Wolf (Greely's Inferno and The Search for Greely).
  • There is currently a glitch where the player can be an eagle in adventure if the player hosts an adventure and buys an eagle from the Diamond shop.
  • The Search for Greely is the only adventure where all animals can use the Phantom only passage.
  • The Forgotten Desert is the only adventure so far where there is no Hard mode besides the seasonal ones.
  • There is no Bunny, Seal, Deer, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Crocodile, Hyena, Cheetah, or Snow Leopard passages in the current adventures.
  • On September 18, there was a temporary glitch where an adventure called TBA was released. It gave out rares and BETA items, but it was closed down later in the day; this may have been an earlier version of Bitter Sweets.  
  • When the player releases trapped animals in hard mode adventures, there are many theories on which order to release them to gain coveted items.
  • Sometimes when the player exits, mostly from land adventures, the adventure bar will still be visible with the "You did it! Adventure COMPLETE!" message at the top of the screen.
  • The player can earn quick Gems by clearing Training Grounds over and over again. The prize is 250 Gems each time. The player cannot exit through the portal until they get their treasure.


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