This article is about the shop. For the location, see Adventure Base Camp.

The Adventure Shop is a shop in the Adventure Base Camp. All items are phantom related. There, you can buy various trapped Phantoms, including the Phantom Lockbox, Phantom Cage, and Phantom Coop. Its most expensive item is the Phantom Cell, costing 1,600 Gems. Many players thought this shop would be where you can obtain phantoms and adventure powerup items such as tooltips. However, this was proven wrong when the shop was released.

Trapped Phantoms

The Adventure Shop sells six kinds of Phantom cages, the metal ones are more expensive, most likely because they hold the phantom more securely. Switching the colors of the item will only affect the phantom's lightning bolts. Every large or more reinforced item is for members only. The only all-Jammer item, costing 800 Gems, is the Phantom Crate. You do not need a level to purchase an item in the Adventure Shop.

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Phantom Cages Gems Members-Only?
Adventure-Shop Phantom-Cell Blue Phantom Cell 1,600 Yes
Phantom Cage 1 Phantom Cage 1,400 Yes
Phantom Lockbox 1 Phantom Lockbox 1,200 Yes
Phantom Pen 1 Phantom Pen 1,200 Yes
Phantom Coop 1 Phantom Coop 1,000 Yes
Phantom Crate 1 Phantom Crate 800 No


  • There is a pattern where the iron items (Phantom Cell, Phantom Cage, and Phantom Lockbox) are each 400 Gems more expensive than their wooden variants.

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